We’re Kristin and Katey, two best friends that also happen to be engrossed in the world of fashion. As PR students, we’re constantly surrounded by blogs and spend the majority of our time obsessing over our own personal favorites, so we decided why not start one of our own? We plan to use this as a way to archive our own personal style and share what’s going on in our lives as we navigate our early twenties.

I’m Katey, a twenty-something PR enthusiast. In the next month of my life I will be graduating college, moving to Dallas and living around all the thirty thousand dollar millionaires.  I spend my time traveling, pretending I work out, taking naps, eating macaroni and cheese and wearing all things two sizes too large.  I currently work at a boutique PR firm in Dallas, which means I make my living writing about shoes, booze and parties (I swear it’s hard work). My life is a little bit like the Devil Wears Prada, but with a boss I love and no Paris.

I’m Kristin, I live in Austin, TX, and my hobbies include collecting shoes, drinking margaritas, and stopping dog-walkers on the street so I can pet their puppies. One of my favorite things to do is work – Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I cared more about my retail jobs in high school than I did about most human beings. Now as a PR major at the University of Texas, I’ve been able to intern for companies like Fossil, Nordstrom, and fashion and lifestyle PR firms in Austin where I get to mix my love of fashion with my love of being around people 24/7 (because if you’re a PR major that isn’t a people person, you’re doing it wrong). I am most inspired by Leandra Medine because let’s be honest her outfits can get a little weird sometimes, but she rocks it like no one else can and still manages to be the funniest person alive while doing it.

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  1. Cannot wait to follow the Fabulous Frivolity of Fashions on this blog. Good luck Ladies. ❤��❤

    Published 13 Nov 13Reply
  2. Mazel, my darlings! Looking forward to following your blog. Much success to you both!

    Published 14 Nov 13Reply
  3. Erica Reed wrote:

    Look forward to seeing your posts! Let me know if you would like a photographer (free, duh!).

    Published 14 Nov 13Reply