Are you a Katey or a Kristin?

Austin or Dallas. Brunette or blonde. Shoes or Jewels. 

Exhibit A. ^^. We are the Obama and Romney of the fashion spectrum. 
Kristin’s style is Gwen Stefani had a baby with Carrie Bradshaw. She piles on rocker accents while remaining super girly, however I can assure you she is not.
I’m a little more Rachel Zoe meets Olivia Palermo. Black clothing is the best clothing and wearing only one necklace is a novice move. 
Jacket: Zara// Dress: Similar//Shoes: Similar// Watch: Marc Jacobs// Bracelet: Similar
Let’s be honest: having a blog entirely dedicated to what we wear is ridiculous ABSURD. 
We can’t help it though. God made females nosey. Blame him. It’s why we read our boyfriend’s text messages always ask where someone bought something. Hence, why women made fashion blogs. 
The wonderful thing about having a blog with your best friend is that if you think I look like a glorified young Dolly Parton in one outfit you can always snoop on hers, and vice versa.  Before we post more apparel we used our grocery money to buy (why we aren’t two pounds is beyond me), we figured we’d tell you our top 5 essentials that describe our taste best. 
The basics.
Katey: Yurman stacks, monogram necklace, nude gloss, dark nails, wildfox tees.
Kristin: mixed prints, wedges, classic wayfarers, statement earrings, metallic nails. 
So, are you a Katey or a Kristin?

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