Cozy Thanksgiving

I’ve never been a huge fan of Thanksgiving food. Only mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce for me, thanks! But I still love Thanksgiving because every year it’s such a welcome break to have a few days off from school and go back to my parents’ house to have them take care of me (my mom even does the laundry I save up for weeks in advance, God bless that lady). Since this is the last Thanksgiving break I’ll ever have before I’m out in the real world, I’m going to milk the casual vibe for all it’s worth.
Sweater: J Crew, Jeans: J Crew, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Necklace: Nordstrom, Earrings: Kendra Scott
I’m a proponent of white after labor day. Sue me.
This year I’m thankful for parents that spoil me every time I come home, being able to see some of my closest friends from Fort Worth while I’m in town, and the fact that I don’t like Thanksgiving food (because I definitely don’t need all those extra calories).
Photos by the lovely Erica Reed, go check out her site!

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