For The Girl Who Has Everything

1. I know gift guides before Thanksgiving seem so heathenish. However, if you can buy all your gifts in the three days before Christmas you are either hitting up the Francesca’s gift section with no thought whatsoever, or you are on amphetamines. 
2. We are starting our first gift guide post for “The Girl Who Has Everything.” Honestly, if you are reading a fashion blog your friends probably aren’t the type to say, “I really need some socks and pony tail holders for Christmas.” 
Typically, I sit down with my gift list in the beginning of November. I’m obsessed with birthdays and any opportunity I have to give friends gifts. Not necessarily because I enjoy spending half my paycheck on a pair of earrings Kristin will ruin during some Austin festival, but because I view it as one of those moments you get to say, “Thanks for dealing with me pre-LSAT, post-break up, mid-dieting and still loving me.” 
Spoil your friends with the consideration and thought you put into their gifts. Think of the things they need, always use or really want their boyfriend to buy them even though they won’t. 😉 Don’t get them another cute journal from the Target dollar section if they aren’t avid list makers. It will take up space and show that you thought of them mid paper towel purchasing. But feel free to send those my way. 
Now, off my “Southern Gifting” soap box. What do you get for the girl who has everything? Shoes can be scary, because what if they don’t fit? Clothes are a trap. “I’ll get her a small. No, she is a medium. What if she wants it baggy?” No matter what size you get her, it’s wrong. Jewelry is a great go-to, but what if her mom got her that statement necklace? 
I bring you, gifts for the home. 
1. Ginger Jars. I have been eying these for months. Each time I go to purchase I can’t justify the price. However, you should for your mother or best friend. 
2. Lucite Initial. I hope this hollywood regency trend never dies. This size is perfect because regardless of if your friend lives in a sorority house or small apartment, it will go anywhere.
3. Lean In. If you listened in on conversations my friends and I had at the library during an all nighter, you would take away that they’d rather get married in Vegas than take their next final.  The, “Ugh, I just want to get married and not finish Organic Chemistry” comments were strong and frequent during college. However, my group of girlfriends might be the most driven, powerhouses you’ve ever met. This is the perfect little book for their nightstands to help fuel their 40 under 40 dreams. 
4. Lip Cocktail Napkins. I foresee these getting ruined during a girls night. Perfect reason to purchase them.
5. Japanese Maple Plate Set. My roomies and I eat off a nice collection of my parents’ first set of china and Big Lots’ sale on paper plates. Everyone needs nice plates.
6. Trish McEvoy Candle. I forced my friends to go to the Dallas Galleria two days before Christmas last year just so I could buy this. No, I’m not insane. This is the scent of Jesus. It’s Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla.
7. Hermes Blanket. I’d legally change my name to Heather or something so that I could justify this purchase.  However, Christmas and New Years are like the ONLY time men think they can propose to women. One of your friends is surely about to change her last name to an H, and this says, “Please don’t put me in an ugly bridesmaid dress.” 
8. Pineapple Antler Jar. Because why wouldn’t you store your Oreos in this? 
Happy Gifting!

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