Christmas in NYC

I’m spending Christmas in the most magical place in the world: New York. And that’s me & my sister. Ha. I wish. (Mom, we need matching furs.^^)
As Eloise would say, “It’s Christmas Eve Eve!” Traveling for the holidays can be exciting, overwhelming and exhausting all at the same time.  Sweats might be tempting, but listen to your always faithful fashion husband, Karl, when packing. 
Don’t look defeated during the holidays. Seriously. If you look defeated with said above, your grandmother will NOT lay off as to why you aren’t engaged yet. I bring you your “NYC Musts” (or you can call them your holiday survival guide to staying a week in Nebraska packing list).
1. Faux Fur: It’s faux and it make your leggings look chic. You can wear a workout top underneath but still look perfect for dinner. 
2. Classic Aviators: Christmas champagne and sleeping on an air mattress at grandma’s does NOT give you  Leighton Meester skin. Cover your bags with these black aviators. 
3. Gucci Disco Bag: The day after Christmas you typically head to the mall, whether to go into an exchange frenzy or to burn your gift cards. This crossbody keeps you hands-free & fits EVERYTHING from lipstick to water bottles. 
4. Bean Boots: Want the comfort of Uggs, with the ease of black rain boots? You’re welcome.
5. Wunder Unders: If you have time to hit up hot yoga and stay a size 00 during the holidays, I hate you. JK let’s be besties so you can teach me your ways. But for the other 99% of us, get these. They make you look 10 pounds lighter. 
6. RM Neon Tote: I purchased this the other day and it is the best little tote to put your LV Never Full up for hibernation. Black is my favorite color, along with neutrals. However, this pop makes your monochromatic look appear as if you spent a lot longer getting ready. 
Whether you are sipping Champagne at the Plaza with me and Eloise or at your Aunt’s, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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