Dress Up With Your Face

We would love to lie to you all and say we prance around with La Mer on our faces at bedtime and never go to sleep with our makeup on. What a funny joke. 
1. I once bought La Mer [I fear wrinkles] and my face got the worst rash. I literally looked like a strawberry. I went back to Neimans in tears and the guy told me, “You’re 21. You do NOT need La Mer. Go home and put nothing on your face, except the air God created, for a week.” So Blair Waldorf lied to me. 
2. Kristin yelled at me about buying the La Mer, so needless to say she uses water and whatever is in her shower to get mascara off. 
However, the most requested post we have received is our makeup. Kristin told me to post mine first and I have put this off after about twenty e-mails for fear of embarrassment. I’m not the most fiscally responsible person when it comes to this part of my life.
Story time: Back in high school when girls started pulling out their Maybelline eye shadows at lunchtime I was convinced I needed one. I came home from school and asked my mom to take me to CVS because I NEEDED to be pretty like those girls. She looked at me and said, “Do you want to look like a drug store?” I got an hour-long lecture about how if you put $2 on your face, you will look like $2. Then she drug my behind to Neimans and got my makeup done.
[Disclaimer: There are A LOT of drugstore products I like, i.e. Wet N Wild $2 bronzer. I just don’t think you should spend a total of $5 on your beautiful little money maker face. There’s a lot of junk in those products that can damage your skin. ]
My mother has perfect skin and doesn’t use any skincare products, so I follow her lead. 
Yes, I know I could support 12 little babies in Africa for what I spend on makeup. When I’m retired and not getting face lifts I will go to Africa and adopt them myself. 

Concealer // Powder // Bronzer // Blush // Highlighter // Eyeliner // Brows //  Mascara One & Mascara Two // Lipstick (hue) //Balm
Judge me or join me.

E-mail chroniclesoffrivolity@gmail.com if I failed to answer some of your questions!

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