Gifts for Mom and Dad

They’re the people who raised you, who paid for your college textbooks every semester, and who have showered gifts upon you year after year for Christmas, birthdays, and every random holiday in between. Your parents deserve much more than you can afford to give them and macaroni art just isn’t going to cut it anymore, so we’ve narrowed down our top choices for your two favorite family members.
Voluspa Candle: Moms have an entire house to keep smelling wonderful at all times. Candles are their best friend. My mom is a candle fiend so I’ll probably have to get her five.
Stackable Rings: She can wear one individually or all three at once. Plus, you can borrow them later.
KitchenAid Mixer: This is the kind of kitchen tool that most moms don’t need but that every mom wants. I’m getting my mom one for Christmas. Or rather, my mom announced on Black Friday that she found them at a really good price and was going to get one for herself for Christmas. So much for surprises.
Coaster Set: Remember all those times your mom got mad at you for leaving glass rings on her coffee table? Make up for it with these pretty coasters from Anthropologie.
Monogram Necklace: A monogram on a sensible solid gold pendant allows your mom to follow the trend without seeming like she’s trying too hard.
Anything by Anne Taintor: Sometimes I’m too sarcastic for my own good, and I definitely got it from my mama. Throw some sticky notes and a coffee mug into her stocking to give her a good laugh when the holidays are over and she’s off taking care of everyone around her.
Fitbit Force: My dad is really into cycling. He begins every big family meal with an overflowing plate and the phrase “I burned 1200 calories today, so I can eat whatever I want.” I’m serious, it happens every time I come home. With a Fitbit he can keep track of all those calories plus a million other health-related stats.
Let Me Off at the Top: I like Mean Girls. My dad likes Lord of the Rings. We don’t have much common ground when it comes to movies, but Anchorman is one we can always agree on. Buy your dad Ron Burgundy’s book and take him to see Anchorman 2 on Christmas day.
Chocolate Golf Balls: Chocolate and golf? Self-explanatory.
Watch Box: Everyone’s given their dad a watch or two at some point in time. Give him a nice place to put it.
Tripod: This tripod can bend or wrap around almost anything. It’s always my dad’s job to take the pictures on family vacations, so now maybe he can be in a few.
Noise Cancelling Headphones: To drown out all the conversation you and your mom have about shopping, makeup, and other girly things he doesn’t care about.

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