Gifts For Your Beau

There are millions of gift guides out for the man that buys you dinner. However, finding a Ralph Lauren button up is never the hard part about Christmas shopping for them. The length of the relationship is what stumps me. If you buy them an iPad mini when you’ve only dated a few months that is a tad too, “I’d love a Harry Winston on it by spring.” However, after dating a few years a wallet seems so, “I’d rather give TXU my money than you…”
Since men typically don’t tell you what they want (and if they do I have plenty of single male friends I should introduce you to) we bring you “Gifts For Your Beau By Stages.”
Six months can mean a lot of things for a lot of different people. For a contestant on The Bachelor, that means ring shopping. For Kristin, that can mean she finally saved his number to her phone. This stage we say you get them the things they need, but never buy themselves: Accessories. 
Cologne: This cologne will help you forgive No Shave November. It smells so perfect I literally spray it on myself. Don’t tell. 
Phone Cover: They don’t buy these for themselves. They just don’t. (Elle Woods’ voice)
Pecan Pie: This pie recipe got me through college. Men will help you move, do statistics homework or pick you up late from the library for this. 
Whiskey: Throw this in the pie, then leave it on his bar. 
Wallet: This will make it awkward when he goes to pay for his next girlfriend’s meal. Kidding. Be a sweetheart and get it monogrammed.
Belt: If you’re dating a guy that is in his twenties, chances are his belt is a Christmas gift from his mom circa 2006. Upgrade it. 
Travel Book:  This is for him, but you get weekend trips out of it. Best $40 you’ll ever spend. 
One year is the investment year. Invest in their work wardrobe and they may invest that bonus in you. Totally joking.
You know what they need and nothing says love like, “I hate that tie you wear for your big presentations, so here is a new one.”

Dress Shoes: You can pretend your boyfriend is Don Draper. You’re welcome. 
Tie Holder: Just like a jewelry box for men.
Brooks Brothers Tie: Hurry. These ties are buy one get one 50% off. Get two and he’ll think he needs to get you a Cartier bracelet for Valentine’s Day. Wishful thinking…
Suit Jacket: If I were a guy I’d wear this every day. 
Citizen Eco-Drive: For you to borrow. 🙂
Leather Satchel: Fill it with baked goods for extra brownie points.
Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones: My boyfriend LOVES meeting strangers, so of course airplanes are like Disney World for him. However, if they (are normal) and prefer to sleep on planes this makes their traveling much easier. 
Tassel Dress Shoes:  My dad had a pair of these and when I was little I always stole them to play dress up. Embarrassing.

You’re practically married, but you’d still rather spend money on brunch with your girlfriends than a mortgage with him. These are your selfish years, so hand him a jar of cash and tell him to pick a place he wants to go. Use this site to help plan your trip. In ten years you’ll wish you could run to a random camp site as opposed to watch Yo Gabba Gabba all Sunday.

If you’re outdoorsy in that you like margaritas on patios, and you’d drug yourself to survive a road trip do a staycation. And by staycation I mean Southwest Wanna Get Away your flight to Dallas, book him a tee time, schedule yourself a massage, and then come shopping with me.  

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