Good Things Come in Small Packages

Determining what to give everyone on your Christmas list can be a lofty task. Occasionally you happen to have a friend that drops hints here and there about the things they would like. “Oh I’ve been wanting this iridescent Marc Jacobs bag for months! Maybe I’ll buy it after Christmas.” And let’s be honest, if we can pick up on those hints (even if they are sometimes annoyingly obvious) it’s a relief, because who wants to blindly buy someone a gift without knowing if they’d like it first? But sometimes you aren’t quite as lucky.
Enter stockings.
Stockings are a great gift not only to hang from the mantel and open with your family, but also to give out to anyone on your list. With a mix of small, inexpensive items and one or two must haves, it’s much less risky to give than one big gift that they may absolutely despise. It’s also a lot more fun to feel like you’re giving five gifts in one! And if giving lots of gifts doesn’t make you happy I don’t care to ever meet you.
1. Butter London Nail Polish. I don’t know a single girl in the world that doesn’t become euphoric when they receive new nail polish. And at $15 each, that’s a lot of bang for your buck, my friend.
2. Henri Bendel Minimergency Kit. For all of those little disasters that occur throughout the day in a package that fits in even the smallest of crossbody bags. And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans of white and gold around here.
3. Kate Spade Champagne Coin Purse. So festive. Just make sure you exchange gifts over mimosas.
4. eos Lip Balm. Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t love eos? If Miley endorses it, it must be good. Right…?
5. Tory Burch Passport Holder. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a slight obsession with my passport. I’m always paranoid I’ll lose it, or it will fall into the wrong hands and someone will steal my identity… hey, at least I’m cautious. What better way to keep track of your passport than by wrapping it in a bright purple holder? I’m sure you’ll be the most stylish girl on your flight to Europe. Take me with you.
6. Madewell Key Fob. Who doesn’t want a good animal print to show off on the hook near your apartment door? Even if your keys spend most of their time lost in the bottom of your purse.
7. See by Chloe. When I interned at Nordstrom this summer I would make a daily trip to the cosmetics department to splash some of this on my neck. I finally had to give in and buy it at the end of my internship, don’t worry. It smells like champagne (like I said – so festive) and I know that if I love it this much all of my friends are bound to love it too.
So fill up those stockings and watch your friend’s faces light up with joy.

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