Party Like it’s 1999

Just because it’s New Years Eve does not mean you need to run out to the store on December 30 and buy some tacky top that you don’t even really like that much just because it has sequins. There’s nothing wrong with a little sparkle, but I am so anti-sequins for New Years it’s not even funny. You don’t want to be one of the millions wearing the same gold sequin getup tonight… How is that hottie supposed to find you at midnight if you look like every other girl at the party? The only way to stand out is to nix those annoying little shiny disks and find a different way to shine.

Mix more mellow pieces like a sheer black top with leather trim with lots of shiny jewelry. Wear a little bit of a fun, shiny pattern.

And my number one rule for New Years Eve? Keep a large stash of champagne on hand.
Shirt, shorts, and tights: Forever 21 // Necklaces: Lulu’s, Target // Booties: Steve Madden

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