‘Tis the Season for Parties

I work in PR. I was rush chair for my sorority. And, I can remember a time or five when Kristin and I’s freshman English teacher made us sit in opposite corners of the classroom so she could teach and we would stop talking.
However, when I am in social settings where I don’t know everyone I get borderline mental breakdown. Example: One time I went on a date where we had to take a cooking class with other couples. I cried the entire day before I went and when I got there my date had to do all the cooking because I was too scared the instructor would have me come to the front to demonstrate. Needless to say, the gentleman wasted $200. (If you are reading this it was a really sweet idea…)
During rush they tell you to never ask a girl where she got her outfit because it doesn’t allow you to get to know a person. I broke that rule every single party. Four years and some perfect pledge classes later, I can tell you that’s a terrible lie. One of the only things that can calm my nerves when I’m in an environment where I don’t know many people is a girl asking me about my outfit. “Where did you get your skirt?” basically means, “Out of everyone here, I’d dress like you so we’re best friends.” 
Whether you think you are the most awkward person alive (me) or can talk to a wall (Kristin) please don’t wear red jeans and a black sweater to a holiday party. No one wants to know where you got your red jeans from. I promise. [Disclaimer: you need red jeans and we are avid Gap supporters. You just wear them for bowling, not drinking champagne.] They will want to know where you got your cheeky top or vintage leather jacket. 
Kristin: Dress, Lulus//Jacket, Fossil//Earrings, Kendra Scott [go figure]//Shoes, Seychelles
Katey: Top, Etsy//Vest, Neiman Marcus//Skirt, J.Crew Factory//Necklace, J.Crew//Shoes, YSL
This round of holiday parties wear something you typically wouldn’t. Talking about your outfit is much easier than trying to tell a stranger what you do for a living. Because let’s be honest, most holiday parties are for your boyfriend’s company or your parent’s dinner group and you don’t know anyone there or want to be there. Besides, a neon-patterned dress is much easier for Liam Hemsworth to spot under the mistletoe. 😉

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