Happy Birthday, Kristin

Kristin is 22. I could be really embarrassing and post 22 pictures from middle school. I could be really emotional and write 22 things I love about her. Instead, I’ll just tell her to have 22 glasses of champagne and tell y’all her favorite things. 
Kristin loves: Shoes. In high school we wore uniforms. Our group of girlfriends owned Sperry’s and Nikes. Kristin was rocking Sam Edelman Booties to first period. 
Kristin loves: Lemons. This seems super trivial, but it always makes ordering for her a breeze. Secondly, she will be a powerful CEO one day (Kristin LOVES, I mean LOVES working. But that was too boring to include in this list). If are ever her intern 20 years from now just bring her a batch of lemon something. 
Kristin loves: AHS. She won’t text you back while it is on.
Kristin loves: Purple Lip Stains. Kristin never wears makeup. A few months ago I had come to Austin for Round Up. She had wet hair and no makeup on and said she was ready. I had to force-feed mascara on her. However, she will rock things no one else will. She loves her YSL purple lip stain. 
Kristin loves: Running. She could probably run a marathon this Thursday. However, she probably hasn’t run in months. She is just that freakishly fit. 
Kristin loves: Statement Earrings. She didn’t get her ears pierced for the longest time and then would only wear diamonds or Neiman Marcus statement earrings. She even slept in them…
Kristin loves: UT. She’s an A Xi D and loves her sistasss. I love their kitchen because they let me eat a bagel there during Round Up. 
Most importantly, Kristin loves: Friends. On your friends birthdays of course you say, “they are just like the best best friend you could ever have.” Kristin, truly is. I mean in high school she always would say she would be Samantha in Sex and the City when we all wanted to be Carrie or Charlotte. So selfless. 
I can call her crying at 8 am and she will always ask, “Do you want me to come home?” (I live by our hometown). She puts her friends before herself (except when it comes to the last skirt at Nordstrom. STILL. BITTER. ABOUT. IT.) Yet, she remains unbiased in all situations and will tell you what you need to hear. I’ll probably have her in the delivery room over my husband one day, because she would be the friend to look at you and say, “You’ve had an epidural. Shut up. I bought your baby Gucci booties, so I need them out.” 
Happy Birthday, Kristin! 

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