January Currently Coveting

One of the best parts about having a blog is you get to hint to your friends, YOUR MOM, your boyfriend, YOUR MOM, your sister, YOUR  MOM and everyone else YOUR MOM about what you want for your birthday, without making a list. 
We’ve had a few requests to make some “Currently Coveting” lists. I ignored it because I just started my career and I live in Dallas. Which nicely means, that’s like asking a meth addict to watch Breaking Bad start to finish in one setting. I can’t google things I want all day. I’d be living in a box under 75. 
Then I realized, The Good Lord let me be born almost 22 years ago, so I can google these things and hope the birthday fairy obliges. 
I’m on a huge Scandal binge. This leads to me wanting an ungodly amount of white clothing, and I’m on a red wine kick (because those go hand-in-hand). I find myself on SMU’s Law page after 4 episodes a night, because I’ve already got the PR degree. As if I’m actually going to go to law school…Ha.

This is my Olivia Pope birthday wish list…..

White Dress: Because I keep thinking that is what Olivia Pope would wear to work at a PR firm.
Prada Card Holder: Because how else do you store your business cards? Seriously. 
Gold Pendant: This is completely necessary over my gold monogram. (I got my monogram necklace on etsy YEARS ago. I had a different etsy account and don’t even remember the log in. That’s why if you’ve asked for where it is from, I’m not too sure :(. Bad blogger round 2. But if you search large monogram necklace 7639052 show up :).)
Texturizing Spray: I just really don’t want to spend $42 on this. BUT I will tell you Oribe has the best hair products. Do NOT spend money on expensive shampoo and conditioner (if you do, Kevin Murphy is the best). It’s a ploy to just use more. Spend money on Oribe hair products, they last for a year and give you Jessica Simpson sans weave hair.
Mermaid Shampoo: I know I just said to not spend money on shampoo and conditioner, but I wouldn’t actually use this.
Diamond Bar Studs: I was going to buy these with my first paycheck. Then I realized that after spending 10 hours a day in a desk I’d rather buy a spa day. I think this is called aging…
Jewelry Travel Case: I currently throw my jewelry in a ziplock baggie to travel. I don’t think my baubles appreciate that.
Tassel Necklace: Need, not a want.
Clare Vivier Duffel: Mom, don’t get me this. That’s absurd. However, I do need a nice leather duffel for work and traveling. Somehow, I don’t think my 8-year-old Vera Bradley duffel says, “I swear I’m an Account Executive.”

What do you want this month?!

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  1. Caroline wrote:

    I just discovered Scandal, myself! I may or may not have polished off an entire season this past weekend while my boyfriend worked on his thesis– we are productive but in different ways 😉

    Published 16 Jan 14Reply