No Coffee On My Coffee Table

I hate coffee. I’d love to be Olsen Twin skinny and drink it all day. Unfortunately, it makes me nauseous. Therefore, I seriously hate the name “Coffee Table.” I don’t put coffee on this. I do however place wine, books, my desk, nail polish, candles, Whataburger and hairspray on mine. 
My mother got me this little table from Pier 1 my freshman year of college. It has gone through far too much for any coffee table to endure. While I may not be frugal in any aspect of my life, I am with furniture. I get a sentimental, borderline psychotic, attachment to it. Example: My parents have been married 27 (I think, sorry mom) years. I made them keep their very first couch until last year. We’ve moved, redecorated our house 15 times and I still made them keep it in the game room. My reasoning was because I remembered taking naps with my first dog on it…. 
Needless to say, this table is stuck with me for years. My mom tried to buy me a new one when I graduated from college. No can do. 
The best way to hide all the nail polish remover/pad thai stains is with bright accessories. I’ve collected a lot of these pieces over the years and can’t tell you where everything is from (bad blogger), but I can tell you that it is totally appropriate to have a Jonathan Adler Prozac jar on your coffee table. 
Loud accessories cover up furniture (or clothing) that needs to get ditched. 
While you can, buy ridiculous accessories. Have a Chanel box on your table. One day it will topped with pacifiers and Gerber Graduates puffs (which are delicious). Don’t worry, when you have kiddos you just move the Prozac jar to your nightstand. You’ll still need it. 

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