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They say your awkward stage is sixth grade through middle school. It is. [I’ve told my dad we are burning those pics just so my future husband/children don’t see me in such a state.] However, there is another awkward stage: The twenties dress.

Your twenties can be hard to dress during because you are teetering out of XXXL sorority shirts and leggings while not fully embracing cardigans.

You need three things to survive: a staple handbag, J.Crew skinny black pants and cheeky tees.

I don’t pay to have cable, but I do pay to have Gucci. This is the time of your life that you can go from work to happy hour to a dressy date and not have time to go home and change. Having a large statement bag dresses anything you have on up times ten. With the amount of dates you’ll go on in your twenties you need a bag like this. Because no man is thoughtful enough to say, “Hey, I’m taking us to so and so and it’s business casual so no need to wear a dress.” 

J.Crew has the best black skinny jeans. You will only need one pair, but you will want to buy fifteen. You’re welcome for saving you money.

Lastly, you need a cheeky tee. I’m 21 going on 30. Seriously. NYE this year after the ball dropped I looked at my boyfriend and said, “Okay so do I get to go home now?” However, a cheeky tee is the best way to show your personality and remind yourself you ARE young and CAN eat that extra slice of pizza. 😉

Necklace: J.Crew Sold Out//Similar Cardigan//shirt//pants//shoes//bag

P.S. If you want to win that amazing J.Crew necklace and earrings comment on the last blog post!!

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