Sorority Colors

There are colors that should never be worn together. Example: blue and yellow, red and green, red and yellow.
Somehow, in the creating of sorority colors the greek gods thought that would be a lovely idea. Then, you have to shower your little with an overwhelming amount of “x & y” colored t-shirts. [Or if you are me you get the most stylish littles ever that shower you with more baskets of Tory Burch than you would ever know what to do with. Thank you Madi, Libbie and Sheridan for accessorizing me all of college. ;)]
[Disclaimer #1: I’m a Tri Delta and completely understand WHY specific greek colors go together. And I also adorn my desk, house and littles with as much blue and yellow as possible.]
However, sometimes for events you want to wear your colors, but not a t-shirt saying “KKG Date Party. Will You Be The Ken To My Barbie 08?” 
The trick is to wear similar hues on a black canvas. Meaning: have black pants on and you can wear a light pink top with emerald earrings if you are a DZ.
[Disclaimer #2: I know I’m not an AXO, but I shot this before going to a Christmas dinner AND my freshman year roomie was an AXO, so this post is for you Shannen :).] P.S. you are welcome I didn’t call you by your nickname.
Take one of your colors and pair it as an accessory. Thankfully, Tri Delta’s are silver, gold and blue which made it incredibly easy. So pile on the jewelry, or Louboutins.  
I guarantee all my sisters are laughing at this post, because my old rush chair is still coming out. I literally almost typed, “Have your hair down, or you might as well chop it off.” Of course, none of you gorgeous ladies need ANY help deciding what to wear to school and greek events, but I was the one running into my suite mate’s closet all the time back at 1101 Greek Row not knowing how to pair my colors.  
Top: Madewell Pants: Revolve Clothing Kimono: Beehive Necklace: HRH Collection

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  1. Love this post! I’m a DZ alum and can’t wait to use that suggestion 🙂

    Published 13 Feb 14Reply