Stacks on Stacks

Before Emily Maynard went on The Bachelor and taught people you COULD in fact wear 15 bracelets on one wrist, I was doing it. I just would always get comments made to me about it. 
“Why so many?” “Could you not decide this morning, Sweetie?” 
Um, no. Who wears one bracelet? Growing up my Meme would dress me in her fur coats and jewelry. She wears 25 on one wrist and let me do that as well. I guess I took dress up literally, because I do the same thing now. 
[The photo quality may not be the best this go round. Typically my FIFTEEN-year-old sister takes our photos, and she is amazing. Then I decided to let my TWENTY-FIVE-year old boyfriend take them because he wanted to help. Big mistake. Huge. I decided to just not go on Snapped and accept these. I can probably blog better from the comfort of Uptown Dallas as opposed to a jail cell.]
BUT, this is my typical getup. I add in bits of color depending on my outfit. 
From left to right:
Evil Eye Bracelets: Henri Bendel
Pink Stone: Gemelli [this was a PR client, and she sells to boutiques. If you are in Dallas go to Original Octane!]
Watch: Michele
Silver heart: McIntosh Jewelry
Rhinestone: J.Crew
Gold Chain: McIntosh Jewelry
Charm Bracelet: James Avery 
Gold Chain: Loren Hope
Rhinestone Gold Chain: J.Crew
Cuffs: David Yurman
I will spend money on a watch or a David Yurman. I will not spend money on stackable bracelets. Etsy is my best friend. I love that it represents working women or mothers that want to share their talent and not make a 90% profit on a few sparkles. However, a lot of jewelry I buy on Etsy gets that disgusting film on it. It literally feels like jewelry sweat. 
Then, a year or so ago I discovered McIntosh Jewelry. No jewelry sweat forms. Amen. The quality is amazing.
I may be super girly, but I hate dressing like it. I’d wear spiked turquoise and all black every single day. She makes incredibly unique pieces, along with traditional chains. 
The best part? Her jewelry isn’t heavy, AT ALL. 
I love a lot of Kendra Scott pieces. However, I freak out wearing her super large earrings because after an hour I think, “Omg my ear hole is going to rip through.” 
You could probably sleep in McIntosh earrings and you’d never know they were there. She is one of the kindest girls on Etsy as well, oh and the best part: she ships immediately. I am STILL getting Etsy packages to where I lived 6 months ago. STILL. So if you decide to spend your work day perusing her shop [guilty] let her know we sent you! 
This is completely normal in my house. I made a speech at my mom’s 50th’ birthday party and included that I have in fact NEVER seen my mother’s naked wrists. She wears all this, and more even in the shower. So, in order to make this the standard, I figured I would just have to do a stack giveaway. McIntosh Jewelry will be included to stay tuned!
[UPDATE: The turquoise spike necklace was a custom piece.  I’m sorry! Please be sweet when working with Ashley, she has a custom bracelet request form. Everything on her shop is made from materials she has and she will be more than happy to keep her eye out for you :)]

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