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Austin, Texas is the kind of place people love. Everyone that’s ever come to see me at school tries to schedule their next visit before they’re even on the road home. I could talk about all the things I love about Austin for hours, but ain’t nobody got time for dat. So instead I’ll just give all of you out-of-towners a guide to one of my favorite things to do in Austin: go out.
Going out in Austin is super casual. Usually I’ll wear black skinnies with heels, or dressy shorts in the summer. I typically wouldn’t be caught dead in something this dressy on what my peers affectionately refer to as “Dirty Sixth” (the part of Sixth Street college students frequent), but it was for my last Crush party – one of my all time fave sorority date events – so I had to go all out.
So you’ve been warned. This isn’t Vegas… we wear workout gear to brunch and denim is appropriate in every situation, you definitely won’t be seeing many stilettos when you go out in Austin (unless they’re on underage girls trying desperately to get into bars). Don’t be the person that’s way too dressed up.

There are three parts of Austin where you’re guaranteed a fun night.
Dirty Sixth: The part of Sixth Street closest to 35. This is full of college students that are most likely too young to actually be at a bar in the first place, bachelorette parties, 21st birthday celebrations and tourists who came to Austin for the sole purpose of going out. I come here when I’m broke – walk down the street with a group of girls and bouncers will flock to you trying to hand out free drinks.
West Sixth: This is where recent grads and college students that are actually of age go when they don’t feel like getting drinks spilled on them all night. Try out The Brew Exchange – there’s a stock ticker above the bar and the price of beer fluctuates from customer to customer depending on demand. Coolest concept in Austin.
Rainey Street: This is a street full of cute little houses that have been converted into bars and restaurants. Most of the bars have massive patios and there are food trailers all over the place. This is the best place for a chill night out in Austin. Now that I’m actually 21, I come here every chance I get.

So the next time you’re in Austin, hit me up. If you get lucky your first drink will be on me.
Outfit Details
Dress: Nordstrom BP // Shoes: BCBGeneration // Earrings: Lulu’s // Necklace: Kendra Scott

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