Bein’ Basic

I’m sharing two little secrets today: my locks and my coat.
Let’s be honest, if you have hair, you’ve probably had a bad extension experience. Maybe mine was circa 2007 for a prom. And maybe I looked like a really poor Paris Hilton.
My hair gets a little ticked off at me and stops growing the length it is at. I wanted to play with some fullness. My life goal is to also become Emily Maynard. I’m about 14 plastic surgeries away, but I figured the easiest was to get her locks. [p.s. I’m really facetious. Not too sure if everyone knows that or not…if not, you’re probably really concerned about my mental health.]
Emily used Hair Dreams, tap in extensions. They are by far the least damaging and the company will personally mix shades to allow them to blend perfectly. Any type of extension CAN damage your hair, but that’s if you don’t take care of your hair. You’ve got to use a heat protectant, keep your hair detangled and brush them. 
Most importantly, your stylist has to be trained to use them. For all you DFW ladies, Britany Marshall is your new bff. 817.296.6322. Send her a sweet little text. 
Lastly, remember what you pay for your extensions is what your hair will look like. If you spend $100 then your hair will probably look like $100. If ya get what I’m sayin. You want people to think God was just really generous with the hair angel. 
Last secret: my coat. My coat is Michael Kors, and OF COURSE, like all men, he messed up and stopped making this coat. However, I found you all some wonderful look alikes. You can thank Juan Pablo for making this the worst season of The Bachelor EVER. I can say this with confidence because I have watched every single episode since 4th grade. Holla. Therefore, in order to get through Clare’s hometown I just googled the hell out of camel coats. 
Neutrals help you look put together. Seriously. Even if you have dirty hair, scuffed shoes, and a mani you painted during a conference call and chipped 5 minutes later.
So text Britany, order yourself a camel coat and go Team Nikki. [Guys, she is nice. Clare sucks and the producers make her be snarky. You’d be snarky too if you lived with idiots.]

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  1. Hill wrote:

    Those J.Crew earrings are fabulous, so of course they’re sold out. Good bye productivity for the rest of the afternoon while I try to find a look-a-like pair
    From Mississippi With Love

    Published 27 Feb 14Reply
  2. Love that bag way more! Also I was #TeamAndi… Clare drives me bonkers!
    And you just made me feel super old… Prom in 2007??!!

    Published 27 Feb 14Reply
    • Loved Andi! I THINK she is the next Bachelorette and I am so excited!! Haha yes, I am a baby ๐Ÿ™‚

      Published 28 Feb 14Reply
  3. You are adorable & hilarious! Always enjoy your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 28 Feb 14Reply
  4. Kristen W. wrote:

    Just found your blog and am so glad I did. This post is as hilarious as it is informative. Can’t wait to keep reading!


    Published 01 Mar 14Reply
    • Thank you so much, Kristen! Can’t wait to read yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Published 02 Mar 14Reply