Fresh Faced

This post is SUPPOSED to be about the fact I only have on mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss in that photo. But, that’s kind of ruined by the fact that my hair looks GOD AWFUL. Before I even start this post, let me go ahead and be honest. I tried to be a hippie, for three days. 
If you know me at all, or follow me on twitter, you know I kind of hate washing my hair. So I tried the whole “no poo” thing, where you basically wash your hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 
First off, the baking soda takes your blonde out. Hence, why I look like a heathen above. I see my gay husband, Billy, on Saturday to fix this mess. Secondly, I used to drink apple cider vinegar in high school before a meal because someone said it would make your calories cancel out. So showering with that just made me want to gag, and reminded me of the days I wore soffee shorts. 
It wasn’t that my hair smelled or that it was greasy. I just felt gross. I mean mid-shoot I was complaining to my work bff, Andrea, “I just really need to go home after lunch. I’ve got rabbit fur all over me and my hair feels like a gym.” 
Back to face.

I never thought I’d go to work sans powder, like ever. Until the sweetest little blonde called me. 
I get e-mails asking for my skin routine, (specifically moisturizer) and I never really knew what to tell you all. My little sister typically has to remind me to take my makeup off before bed and I just use whatever soap is in the shower. I’d been sent a few moisturizers to review, and thought, “I’d rather my readers buy some jeggings than wear this filth.” Then, a little blonde angel talked to me. 
Britni Roberts called me, she’s the gorgeous little blonde that went to a school by me growing up. Maybe I always creeped her photos in high school….
She offered me a bottle of Nerium. I was really excited because just about everyone and their second cousin posts about it. I’d tried it in college, but was using La Mer at the same time and well a 2-week-long rash later, I decided to put nothing but air on my skin. 
This was like starting over with an ex boyfriend and forgetting all the bad the skank had done to break up your relationship in the first place. I really wanted to give y’all a good moisturizer for summer so that you can go from the pool to dinner and not need to go home and redo your face (or wash your hair. Amen.)
This is an anti-aging product, but also fixes the texture and tone of your skin. Basically it is like having a glowing spray tan without the color 24/7. You just wash your face, dry, make it a little damp agin and put 3-4 pumps on your face and neck (no eyelids). (P.S. in the morning make sure you wash it off before you work out. Hahahaha. Who works out in the mornings?)
What do you do now if you want Princess Kate’s perfect skin?
1. Go to Britni’s Page
2. On the left there is a place that says *Purchase*
3. There’s different prices you can pay, but honestly the $120 for 3 months is the best, because on the 4th month you only pay $80. Seriously. $80 to save your skin is FAR cheaper than throwing a botox brunch at 24. Save that for 28. 
4. You can contact her if you want to throw a Nerium Party. She is from the DFW and that sounds a lot more fun than a needle brunch, like said above. 
5. Shop below to see all my favorite fresh-faced products for spring. 

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  1. Rachel R wrote:

    One day I’ll invent a product that let’s you go at least a month without washing your hair… I’ll fill you in when I find it. Until then, dry shampoo ’til you make it.

    Published 23 Feb 14Reply
  2. Rachel, PLEASE let me know when you do! I will buy stock in it!!! 😉

    Published 24 Feb 14Reply
  3. eat89 wrote:

    Love your blog and instagram! You have such fun style!

    Published 25 Feb 14Reply
  4. You look great! I have been thinking about the “no poo” trend, but after 36 hours of not washing my hair, it starts to drive me insane. I can’t wait to try that moisturizer!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 26 Feb 14Reply
    • Haha RIGHT! It is so hard to do! Yay!! I’m so glad you are:) You will love it! I’m addicted 🙂

      Published 27 Feb 14Reply
  5. Love this post, glad to know the apple cider takes your blonde away. I have been wanting to try the “no poo” thing, but my blonde is way too important to lose! Let us know if you find any other ways to go longer without washing!

    Published 26 Feb 14Reply
    • Amen! Blonde is too expensive to pour down the drain! I will for sure!! xoxo

      Published 27 Feb 14Reply