Friday Frills

I’ve had a few too many Blair Waldorf moments the past few months of living in Dallas.
Why I didn’t fall in love with running or volunteering at an animal shelter is beyond me. The Lord just put Valentino in my heart as opposed to sweating out fat. He’s so funny.
I recently saw that Mackenzie Horan went a month without shopping. That inspired me a little bit.
Then, the Shopbop sale happened. Basically, the more you spend the more you save. I made A’s in all my economics and finance classes, but somehow I THOUGHT this was a great deal. I was an animal.
You know when you order a plate of pasta or in my case, dessert and you eat it within five seconds. You look up from the table and think, “I hope no one saw that.” Well, that happened to me but on my couch with Shopbop. 
I was too excited with everything I saw that I didn’t even let the system help me. I made like 14 separate purchases. I could have gotten up to 30% off, but no. I just wanted it so quickly I couldn’t even wait to put my 15 items in the bag and check out. I did them all separately. 
I mean a therapist would commit me. So, I figured the month of April I shouldn’t shop. It would be like my own mini rehab and a way of apologizing to my bank account for making it work so fast. 
Why April? Because March is my birthday month and I wanted you all to be able to mail me these gifts ;). JK. I’m going to Austin to see Kristin and she’s like giving a meth addict Walter White’s brain. I can’t not shop.
Friday Frills: I give you my last purchases, or what I’m going to starve myself to purchase in March.
Here are a few spring essentials. I don’t drastically update my wardrobe for spring, except for with accessories. I live in white v necks and statement jewelry, because it has had to hide under scarves all summer. 
Anyone want to go to rehab with me?! I promise it will be fun!

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