Hey Angels!

There are a few common grounds all women have: we want to eat whatever we want and not gain weight and Victoria Secret. You may think the models are too slim or you may go to the gym 6 times a week to look like Candice. But there is no denying that you can’t turn down their 5 for $25 deal or some PINK sweat pants. 
Remember that weekend?! [Jen, Ashley, Haley, Brighton] You would think a group of bloggers would only talk about Chanel, photo lenses and number of followers. Our conversations revolved around God, the fried chicken at Sissy’s (duh), sometimes Chanel, how much we loved each other and YOU ALL. 
A few glasses of champagne later we discussed how we wanted to spoil our followers during Valentine’s Day! The only logical solution was….
Maybe you need some swim suits or maybe you need more yoga pants. Whatever the reason, we want to show our love to YOU right now with a $260 Victoria Secret gift card. Just enter below in the and the winner will be announced on the 19th! 
I hope you all know that Kristin and I adore each and every one of you! We play dress up and you all let us! We hope to have a lot of opportunities this year to show you all our appreciation. We have talked about making this blog since high school when we would try to break EVERY rule of our uniform dress code. Four years later when we got around to making it the entire time we kept thinking, “No one will seriously read this.” We’ve gotten more support from sweet girls we don’t even know than we could ever imagine. 
Okay, so back to being snarky, enter below and when you win you can take me shopping too! 😉

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