iPhones make you look fat

My mother and I are party people. I’ve never understood people that say, “It’s just my birthday. It seriously isn’t a big deal.” Or my personal favorite, “I didn’t really do anything for my college graduation, it wasn’t huge.” 
First off, YOUR LIFE is a HUGE deal. YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS are a HUGE deal. 
My mother correlates celebrating births and achievements properly with being drug free. If you want she’ll go to lunch with you and explain if parents want their children to succeed and do well it is all about the right birthday parties. She could seriously do a thesis on it, she has about 3 solid hours of valid points. 
Naturally, I love celebrating my friend’s birthdays. I may or may not buy the perfect birthday card a year in advance and plan out their gifts on my lunch break. And if you could imagine my college graduation party was similar to most individual’s wedding receptions.
Lesson 1: Always throw parties. One crucial part of a party, besides what you wear, is your photographer. 
Of course my mother hires photographers for events, because she says she refuses to throw a party and have to carry her iPhone in hand. She say’s iPhones make you look fat. I say iPhones don’t capture perfect moments, however my sweet photographer, Carmen, does. 
Exhibit A. (p.s. Carmen, I love this photo more than anything in the world, so therefore I owe you a pair of Jimmy Choos.)
Our first shoot with Carmen was a few years ago. My dad’s hobby is photography. And by hobby I mean he used to photograph weddings when I was 4 so that my mother could dress me in Neimans. Wonder where I got my taste from….
Therefore, to say he is picky about photographers is an understatement. I love photographers with a bohemian sense of style and he wants them to be technical. I could care less about the camera they use and he could care less if they capture me standing in a field with a horse. Thankfully, she is both. So we don’t argue. 🙂
I remember her first words photographing us a few years ago. “I AM SO EXCITED YOU ALL HAVE ON BRIGHT COLORS AND AREN’T MATCHING!” Hence, why I wore a bright chartreuse dress with a teal necklace. 
Seriously. Lesson 2: Do not take photos in denim and white. You never repin photos on Pinterest of families in denim. Also, don’t forget to get your roots done before you graduate college, but I mean I don’t know who would do that….
P.S. You are welcome I shared her info. There is always a stab of conflict in your soul when someone asks who your hairdresser is, or photographer. You can all use her and look beautiful, but if you get married in March 2037 like I will, don’t blame me if you go missing. I call dibs on her first
She’s also so beautiful! And the entire time she is shooting you she just tells you how pretty you are. It’s like champagne confidence, without the calories.
Dress: Lulu’s Necklace: Dillard’s Photography: Carmen Evans

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