Looking Haggard

In Texas we don’t get seasons. We have hotter than the devil and ice. 
Some days we get California. We experience it once every 7 weeks, and when it happens you throw on Chartreuse and head to Highland Park Village.
Kidding. But that’s what I do. And while sunshine gets us all a little bit more excited, I’ll be honest, it is a reality check for girls. In the Winter you can pile on scarves, eat four (14) more cookies, and no one has bronze, dewy skin. Then somehow it becomes 60 degrees and the models come out from hibernation.
I am certain I am the only one who becomes a different human in the cold temperatures. Life is NOT about dressing well and looking perfect. If it was I would have miserably failed by 12. Thank you, Hollister. The world’s idea of beauty is not the true definition. [But this is a blog about fashion, and it doesn’t really get much deeper than that.] However, when I come to work sans mascara and in ill-fitted clothes I feel a little bit more insecure and a little less focused. 
So let’s just pretend you all feel the same way I do about transitioning out of winter, and I’ll share what I’ve found helps.
1. Bright pencil skirts. Seriously, look at my legs. I need about 14 trips to Seaside. However, until we can all sneak away for some sunshine bright skirts at J.Crew do the trick. Check out J.Crew factory for some less expensive versions, too!
2. Colored Ray Bans. Everyone thinks I’m ridiculous about these. I had a green pair last year and they died at Katy Trail Ice House. Rest in peace. They brighten up your entire face. If you don’t want to splurge, because let’s be honest, sunglasses have legs and walk away, try Forever 21. They always make perfect knock offs. 
3. Get a manicure. It’s legal crack. Or new lipstick. I swear, I come out of a meeting looking like Godzilla, swipe on some YSL and I can maybe convince my boyfriend I’m Kate Upton’s third cousin.
p.s. someone come spray tan me!

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  1. Hill wrote:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a bright pencil skirt for weeks, no idea why I didn’t think to look at J.Crew. Also I totally agree, a new bright lipstick will change your life!

    Published 19 Feb 14Reply
  2. I have a friend who does mobile spray tan…. its awesome. Call her! I’ll PM you her number

    Published 25 Feb 14Reply
  3. Fantastic sharing I will share these guides to all of my staff thanks.
    Mobile spray tans

    Published 26 Mar 14Reply