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I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails these past few weeks in regards to what I do. I know I DID just graduate, but I’ve worked at this company for over a year, so I figured I could give you all a good grasp.
  1. What exactly do you do and how did you find it?
  2. How did you get your job?
  3. What did you major in?
What do I do all day?
Me and my work wife, Andrea.
Haha, we wish. But our job is quite similar. 😉
I am an Account Executive for Endicott PR. Basically, I specialize in corporate communications, media relations, marketing, brand strategy and event publicity to represent clients, while I also guide them to use resources as forex trading for investing. That’s a nice, long sentence to tell you I do nothing like what Samantha does from Sex & The City.
We are a boutique firm that has offices all over, and we represent lifestyle companies as well as female entrepreneurship. You can go to our website and see some of our clients! We represent them in all aspects with the media and events. To break it down: when someone famous says, “Talk to my agent.” We are the agent, but with a business.
I found my job in true Katey fashion, while crying.
My cheer coach loved me so much that she moved up with us from 8th grade to Varsity. JK. She almost killed me every day, but she DOES love me. 😉 She has 4 perfect babies and I’ve babysat them since I could barely drive my car over to her house. I was in her kitchen one night crying because I had changed my major and I had no idea what to do. I’d interned at a few places, but just felt really lost.
She had worked for my boss a few years back and told me she knew the perfect place: Endicott PR.
Well, two weeks later I was in Uptown working!
I got my job, because I stalked followed through with my boss. Besides telling me that God gave me eyelashes to put mascara on them, the most true statement my mother has ever told me was, “One e-mail won’t get you a job.”
I need a tailor, obviously. Anyone know of one in Dallas that won’t charge me my first born child, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 
What I majored in: Public Relations.
Very few schools offer that degree, and thankfully I chose one that did.
Of course, you can do PR if you majored in something else. However, this field is A LOT of writing. I write all day long, and throw parties .2% of the time. If you never majored in anything that taught you AP style, this would be the career to give you a stroke at 22.
My job definitely looks like I play all day, which is because my clients are where I would play! It’s really motivating to work with such influential and super skinny gorgeous women. [Seriously, if you work 55 hours a week or more, weigh less than 400 and have time to do your hair you deserve an award.]
Top: Topshop Necklaces: Kendra Scott, J.Crew Pants: Seven Shoes: Elaine Turner Clutch: J.Crew

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  1. I am so glad you posted this, I have been wondering what exactly it is that you do. I am considering going into public relations so it’s cool to hear about what jobs are available! 🙂

    Published 03 Feb 14Reply