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My mother is an olive-skinned, Native American princess that did not give me her skin tone or hair color. Granted, give me 3 days at the beach and I actually look like she birthed me, but without the sun I stay Elsa off Frozen status. 
Growing up I always played in her bag of Bobbi Brown Berry lipsticks and thought I was an ugly duckling. I didn’t understand how my mother put on one shade and looked like a model, and I put it on and looked heinous. I mean I did have braces, but still.
Once you hit 14 in the south, your mother can finally be honest with you. Mine told me how I needed to get it together and realize we didn’t have the same skin tone. I started researching beauty blogs (back then they were on xanga) in preparation for turning 16 and wearing lipstick. I mean you can’t look hot in your black Nissan Xterra while hopping curbs if you don’t have pink lipstick on….
What I found was that beauty blogs don’t mention how blondes and brunettes don’t look great 99% of the time in the same lipstick. And you may dye your hair a certain color, but I’m referring to the color God gave you. I thoroughly believe he knows what color looks best on you. Each skin tone and hair color can wear any shade of lipstick, it all just depends on the bases in those specific colors.
Therefore, I decided to make a darling little cheat sheet. So if you want to go out with your bestie and they don’t have the same hair color as you, but you’re CONVINCED you’ll look better sipping margs with matching lips just use this.
These are all MAC because it is my favorite department store lipstick that A. is cheap and B. shows up. I could tell you all of the base tones and how there is “blue” in Ruby Woo and will make your teeth look whiter, or you can just trust me and stock up here. So remember, get your own lipstick because it will look best with your hair and skin tone and you won’t get mono! 😉
I also threw in a few of my favorite lip products for good measure!

EDITED DISCLAIMER: This says that 99% of the time brunettes and blondes don’t ALWAYS look great in the same shade of lipstick. Granted there are a few like Up the Amp (we did a blog post!) and Ruby Woo that are lipstick Gods and could make a pug look beautiful. This is just a helpful guide based on warm and cool tones, so that if you are at MAC and don’t want to spend $100 on lipstick you can just get one shade for each tone! 🙂 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Tips for redheads?

    Published 31 Mar 14Reply
    • Hello!:) redheads follow what blondes wear! Y’all are lucky because based on skin tone you can sometimes wear either! But I would follow blonde! 🙂 Someone had commented this on my Instagram and I had said we can do a redhead makeup guide! I never got a response but let me know if you would like one!:)

      Published 06 Apr 14Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Just saw this- would LOVE a redhead makeup guide! #sos

    Published 15 Apr 14Reply