Friday Frills

I’m about to not be able to shop for a month. April was one of the worst months to decide to do that. In Texas, April means you put your booties up and your bikini and sandals on. I’m always about 5 juice cleanses away from wanting to put on a bikini and in need of 5 new pairs of sandals. I couldn’t really do a Friday Frills that covered a diet that involves cookies(that’s the only diet I’ll ever do), but I could show you the 5 sandals you need for spring and summer. I have to buy early, so you should too! 😉
1. You need leopard. You treat it like a neutral. Yes, you can wear it with anything. I promise. SJP says so, and so do I.
2. You need mermaid. 99% of the time I wear a loose, white cotton tank and J.Crew shorts in the summer. Groundbreaking fashion, I know. But honestly,  in Texas you CAN’T wear anything else. It is too hot. I’ve never understood why stores in Texas still sell silk tops when it is 113 outside. I literally stare at girls in Anthropologie with a look of, “You sure you want to do that? Because convincing your boyfriend’s family that your sweat is BBQ will be real fun.” Marketing fail. Anyways, the only way I stay half-way decent is lipstick, bright sandals and jewelry. 
3. You need neutral. I do own those Jesus sandals that are made of brown rubber that you can get at a gas station for $5. I’m so chic. But in order to not let your neutral blend in with every other girls make sure yours have some sparkle.
4. You need jewels. Back to my only wear white cotton point. You need these.
5. You need dressy. These take you from a date night on Saturday to church on Sunday with minimal effort. I know I know, except for the price. Just don’t buy groceries and then you have shoes for a boy to take you on dates and feed you. Problem solved. 

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  1. Haley G wrote:

    Would love to see an apartment tour/home decor inspiration pics!

    Published 15 Mar 14Reply
    • Hi Haley! That is in the works 🙂 I’m finishing up getting my apartment together and it will be up soon! xoxo

      Published 17 Mar 14Reply