Friday Frills

And 5 links to get you through the work day!
1. If I were getting married this would obviously be for the rehearsal dinner. So if you have a ring, purchase now
2.  My office has been a crisp 50 degrees all week. If I could make a deal with God to not get skin cancer I’d hop in a tanning bed to warm up for an hour. Instead I’m just dreaming of all white outfits for summer. This is a must.
3. Please take this and comment who you got. I think it is rigged. I’M NOT KIM! I SWEAR! 
4. I’ve bought 3 ginger jars in ONE week. I’m obsessed. Buy this so I can’t. I literally told my mother I want to buy a home so I can just clutter the fireplace with them.
5. My alter ego is this inspirational super woman. For at least 20 minutes a day I pretend I live in Chicago, am a huge executive and have two perfect daughters: Hazel and Felix. Seriously. Don’t steal those baby names I will murder you. A quick read on her blog will have you wondering why you haven’t run a marathon and a company this morning!

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  1. I got Bethenny, and I don’t super care for her, so I’m not sure how to feel about that. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 07 Mar 14Reply
  2. I got Bethenny too. Hell. No. Happy weekend girl! Hopefully we get some sunshine!

    Published 07 Mar 14Reply
  3. ashlee wrote:

    I got Nene! I’m completely fine with it, I love her! BTW I love the baby names!

    Published 09 Mar 14Reply
  4. Sophia H. wrote:

    I got Heather hahaha

    Published 13 Mar 14Reply