Happy Birthday Katey!

Katey and I have been friends for a decade so I know all of her dirty little secrets. While I would love nothing more than to spill them all in honor of her 22nd birthday, I’ll refrain and only spill a few. Here are some of the lesser known details of Katey’s life, told through Instagram.
1. Katey is obsessed with makeup. I think she secretly wishes she had gotten a cosmetology license instead of a PR degree so she could work at the YSL counter at Neiman’s for the rest of her life. I forced her to do my makeup for prom in the high school days and it’s the best I’ve ever looked in my life. If it weren’t for her I would still be wearing glittery blue eye shadow every day.
2.  Katey is even more obsessed with food. You would never expect this because she’s the tiniest person you’ll ever see, but I can’t be in her presence for more than three minutes without her asking where we’re going to dinner. She knows all the best places in Fort Worth and Dallas, and let’s be honest probably knows more about the restaurant scene in Austin than I do despite the fact that I’ve lived here for four years. And anytime she hits a milestone in her life (birthdays, graduation, etc.), she’s taking all of her friends out to dinner and it’s going to be one of the best meals you’ve ever had.
3. Katey is so driven. I’ve never met anyone with more of an entrepreneurial spirit in my life. Ask her about her six month plan to turn this blog into her full time job and you’ll realize how insanely goal oriented she is. When I want something out of life, I sit around and think about how cool it would be to get it without having to work for it. Katey just goes out and gets it.
4. Katey is literally on her phone 24/7. Whether it’s to call people every five minutes or to check the 17 different Instagram accounts she manages, the girl doesn’t set it down. While this would typically be a really annoying trait to have, you can’t even be mad at her for it because she’s such a good multi-tasker. She’ll be ordering a bag online, tweeting at her sister, and telling you why you need to get over your ex boyfriend all at once without losing her train of thought. It’s a gift I wish more people had.
5. Katey’s always trying out some weird diet/cleanse/work out. It makes it really inconvenient when I come home for the weekend (an extremely rare occurrence) and all I want to do is go to Rafa’s and eat my weight in chips and queso, but she’s decided she’s eating only raw cabbage for a week. However most of the time I can coax her out of it in the name of margaritas.
6. Katey likes to take care of things. She’s a nurturer all the way. Whether she’s making sure drunk friends get home without falling over, tucking Paul in for a nap on her couch, or making sure her dogs’ sweaters are on just right, she always likes to be the mommy in the situation. This doesn’t bother me at all because it always benefits me (I’m not saying I’m the drunk friend, but I’m also not denying it).
Happy birthday Katey! Love ya.

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  1. Aww, happy birthday to Katey!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 03 Mar 14Reply
  2. This is so cute!!!!

    Published 05 Mar 14Reply