I’m Tan. Thank God.

I finally got spray tanned. Thank God. I’m from Fort Worth, but I lived in the Crowley/Burleson area. That means nothing you you non Fort Worthians, except that I’m from where Kelly Clarkson was. But if you are from the DFW, I have a little secret for you.

I got a lot of comments on Instagram about how great this top was. Well, bless you all. I put this top on pre spray tan and wanted to return it. Something about them just lets EVERYTHING on you look better. I typically go to Palm Beach Tan. But if I’m being honest, I can’t stand them. Granted, it’s a brilliant marketing scheme. But $50 for a spray tan that washes off just isn’t worth it to me. In college my roomies and I turned one of our showers into a spray tan and just tanned each other. We ordered the sun in a bottle on Amazon and stained so many pieces of furniture in our apartment JUST so we didn’t have to deal with Palm Beach. 

But then a sweet girl, Kristy Edwards, sent me an e-mail. Turns out she does spray tans at Ultra Tan in Burleson. I went and got one (never turn one down) and there were two things I loved off the bat. With Palm Beach you go in a machine. A machine does NOT know where you want something more “sculpted” or where you may have a crease in your palm. A human being does. The second thing is that the solution was organic and made of sugar and caramel. Don’t lie. How many times has your boyfriend hugged you and said, “Oh you just got a spray tan.” The fact you smell like a dying cat overrules the fact you are tan. With this solution, You literally smell like a cupcake! I went to babysit right after and my sweet Reesie said, “Katey! You smell delicious!” Oh and it’s safe for if you are pregnant. Not that I will have a child for 10 more years, but you better believe if I’m gaining 55 30 pounds I’m going to save some bit of myself and tan. 

But of course, I’ve been tanned before. And I just thought, “This is a really awesome spray tan because I smell good. Well see how it is after I shower.” She told me not to use a loofah, but I was a brat and did anyways. I went home and I showered, I bathed, I loofahed, I scrubbed. I think I took 5 baths this weekend, no joke. It’s Tuesday and I still look like my father is latino. STILL. Every time I go to Palm Beach I hope in the shower ONCE and it is gone. This is by far the best spray tan I’ve ever gotten. 

Ultra Tan prefers you make an appointment, and I think I’ll make 37 to make sure I’m good for the year. This tan lasts up to two weeks and for $45 that is much better than a $50 tan from Palm Beach that lasts maybe until you brush your teeth next. There’s also a lot of packages to make this cheaper, but I don’t do math.

You can call Ultra Tan 817.295.0011
You can e-mail them UltraTanBurleson@att.net
Or you can creep them Ultra Tan Burleson or Twitter @Ultra_Tan

Now, my one little recommendation, because I’ve spray tanned far too many times in my life to not tell you all this, do NOT a spray the day before your big event. I’m sure some Palm Beach babe will tell you it’s fine, but don’t. Let a spray tan settle in for about two days. If you are getting married on a Saturday and you get this Wednesday or Thursday, you will still look like you walk around St. Lucia nude. I just think spray tans need time to fully develop and the excess to wash off.

Top: Jealous Tomato(which only sells to stores), I got it at Milk & Honey boutique in Dallas. You can call them, but it is sold out. Similar
Blazer: Exact 
Pants: Exact
Bag: Exact Simliar Simliar
Jewels: Similar
Shoes: Exact

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    Love your blog!! Do y’all have a Facebook page set up?

    Published 13 Mar 14Reply
    • Hi Michelle! Thank you so much!! You are so sweet to say that! Currently, we don’t have a Facebook page set up. We both work in PR and at this moment, I find it to be so redundant. I probably SHOULD make one, but after you instagram, tweet, pin the post I find facebook to just kind of fall on deaf ears with our research. Haha. Once we get on the bandwagon I will let you know! 🙂

      Published 13 Mar 14Reply
  2. Michelle wrote:

    I hear ya! I was just wondering so I could “like” it 🙂 Keep up the great work! xx

    Published 13 Mar 14Reply
    • Aww! Well I will definitely keep you in the loop 🙂 You’re so kind! We appreciate your support! You can follow on instagram @chroniclesoffrivolity if you want 🙂 xoxo Happy Friday!

      Published 14 Mar 14Reply