Vacation Detox

In case any of y’all were wondering why I’ve been so M.I.A. lately, I just spent my entire week of Spring Break on a beach with millions of people and very little cell service. I didn’t even Tweet once. It was weird. My lack of internet access kept me from seeing Katey blowing up the blog and our Instagram in my place… which I’m sure she appreciated since I’m always telling her to chill out with social media.
On my little trip away from civilization in Florida,  I wore nothing but swimsuits. This was great the first few days – I really committed to my Spring Break diet this year so I was feeling unreasonably self-confident. However, the copious amounts of bare skin combined with a vacation diet filled with frozen pizza (it was college spring break, what do you expect?) and strawberry daiquiris didn’t suit me very well. So I’m coming home to DETOX. And since a few of you wanted to know about our favorite workouts, I figured I’d share a few of the spots I frequent when I’ve gotten ridiculously out of shape and need a butt whooping.
My go to workout has always been a good, old-fashioned jog. My favorite place to do this in all of Austin is on Town Lake. There’s a trail that has a 3, 5, and 10 mile loop depending on what bridge you take and you get this amazing view of the Austin skyline the whole time. My biggest issue with workouts is a lack of motivation, but nothing motivates me to run harder than all of the hot, shirtless Austin males jogging alongside me at Town Lake.
When it’s been a while since I’ve worked out, I just want a way to throw myself back into it without any time for excuses and intense cardio always makes me feel like I’m getting a better workout. In Austin I always go to CYC Fitness, a spin studio that always has super high energy instructors and the best music ever. A few weeks ago they had an Ellie Goulding/Lorde theme ride that pumped me up all day despite the fact that I had to drag my butt out of bed to take it at 6 am. Sign up for a class with Robert. He’ll make sure you don’t slack off… but in a really pleasant, happy, I want you to be my workout buddy for life kind of way – not a scary fitness instructor way.
Even though I tend to stick to really high energy workouts with loud ridiculous music, I tried a month of Bikram Yoga when I was in Fort Worth for Christmas break because it was the only workout I could get my mom to go to with me. These 105 degree, 90 minute, make-you-wanna-die classes whipped me into shape so fast I didn’t even want to come back to Austin. If you’re from DFW, try Bikram Yoga North Texas, buy a month unlimited pass for $49, and force yourself to go everyday. You’ll look like Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Duke days. By the way, my mom still goes and looks better than I could ever hope to at her age (which I won’t disclose at the risk of being disowned).

Let me know your favorite workout spots! I’m always dying to try something new… I get bored a little too easily.

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