Better than Sunday Best

In case you needed a reminder (because I know I always do), Easter is right around the corner. Remember back in the day when you used to get so excited for Easter Sunday because it meant you got to wear lots of pastels and look like a cupcake for a day? If that’s not every little girl’s fantasy, I don’t know what is.
Well now you’re a little too old for the poofy skirts and ruffled socks, but that doesn’t mean you’re too old to get all dressed up. I’ve put together three outfits that I think will be perfect for your Easter Sunday, whether you’re planning to hang out with your family or going to brunch with friends (or both).
The first outfit is a throw back to your pink cupcake days, but mellowed out by a plain white tee and simple strappy sandals. The second is a more bohemian look, but the bright colors make it perfectly appropriate. The third is prints on prints (my favorite), with just enough pastel to carry you through the holiday.

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