Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, and while I like to think I’m a “good gifter”, this holiday is always the most difficult. When you are under the age of 13, you can draw her a picture and she will love it more than diamonds. After 18, you want to give her something nice for being a pill all your teenage years. However, moms always seem to have everything in the world and I’m like, “Hey…here is another bottle of perfume…you have 14.”

I think the best way to go for Mother’s Day is sentimental. Find something they are passionate about and give back to that cause. My mother is passionate about taking care of people.

One of her hobbies is picking people up off the side of the road, asking them what they need and spending the day taking them where they need to go and picking up food and necessities for them. Seriously.

Something she has always wanted to do is go to Africa with my little sister and I for a mission trip. However, she was diagnosed with RA and her medication doesn’t allow her to travel there.

A few weeks ago I met some girls that work for the Akola Project. I was so moved by the story of their founder, Brittany, and how she uses this to uplift the spiritual and physical livelihood of the women that help take care of children in Uganda. 

 These women are committed to caring for orphans in their homes and the Akola Project empowers these women by training, educating and employing them. They make the jewelry and Brittany and her team sell them. 100% of the profits are returned to the women and development initiatives in their community.

This truly resonated for me with my mom. She is the most giving person I know, and her favorite thing is jewels. Within 5 minutes of meeting the girls that work with the Akola Project, I was asking them if I could feature this on my blog. I couldn’t think of a better way for us to give something to our mothers, that is committed to women and motherhood of all kinds.

 So, this Mother’s Day, I’m spending it giving a gift to my mom that helps give back to women that help raise children. The Akola Project has so many beautiful styles of jewelry that are all hand-made by these women in Africa. They are perfect for layering and there is a style to suit your mom whether she piles jewelry on high or is a minimalists.

You can purchase here. Join me this Mother’s Day by helping women that take on the role of motherhood to children that truly need it.

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  1. Published 26 Feb 15Reply
  2. Hannah Johnson wrote:

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year and decided to go back to some of your earlier posts and I”m SOO glad I did!! This touches my heart and even though it’s a bit early, I went ahead and ordered my mom’s Mother’s Day gift because I just couldn’t wait! Such beautiful jewelry for an even more beautiful cause!

    – Hannah Johnson

    Published 29 Jan 16Reply