My summer boyfriend, Sam

I’m a full believer that stores should cater to summers in the South (Target marketing, anyone?). J.Crew, for example. I love you. But NO ONE here can wear either A) a silk tank or B) a long-sleeved oxford in the summer. You would be admitted for heat stroke or you will look like your hair sprayed your tank on you.

Props to all of you Giselles out there that can rock crop tops and leather minis in the summer. You must not feel humidity….but I sure do. So I stick with basic V necks and shorts. 

I’m always on the hunt for accessories in the summer that can make my $10 tops look different. A few weeks ago I got to meet Sam Edelman. Yes, THE man we all love. So many times I wear shoes and think, “Did the designer even put these on their feet?!” If they put no thought into the structure and comfort, I can’t help but think they were flippant with their design. Sam Edelman’s shoes look as good as they feel. Go try a pair on. They have clouds from the heavens in the soles…

 He showed me these and I knew I would live in them. These aren’t the typical gladiator with the snake detail and comfort. 

Pair them with tattered shorts for errands or a neon sundress for a date night. These are probably the most versatile shoes I’ve ever owned. 

So thank you, Sam for thinking of all the girls in the South that can’t rock jeans and wedges for running around in the summer. I’ll spend more time this summer with you than my boyfriend.

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  1. Amy Gamble wrote:

    Omg I love!!! I need!!!

    Published 24 Apr 14Reply
  2. Not sure that I could pull those off, but you look fabulous!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 24 Apr 14Reply
  3. Sophia H. wrote:

    Y’all should do a post on travel/airport wear! Like outfit ideas that are cute AND comfy!

    Published 25 Apr 14Reply