Friday Frills

Hiii!! Friday Frills is back! 
I know we haven’t posted one in forever. Don’t worry, I already put us in timeout. But we’ve just been trying to brainstorm ways to use it to benefit you all. On Tuesday I received the sweetest e-mail from a girl asking for our monthly favorites, so now that I’m late to the party (Hello, May 9th) you have mine!
1. Distressed Shorts: Before I even explain why I love these, yes I know this is like breaking the holy grail of blogging. Most bloggers (J.Crew mafia) swear by the J.Crew 3″ chino, and I DO have every color, but I’m kind of not super in love with them. I think they are a necessity, just like plain jeans, but I don’t put them on to make an outfit pop. I think a NICE pair of distressed shorts are somehow…more interesting. My trick to making them a lot less like a Luke Bryan concert? Go a size up. Seriously. It’s so much better to have the distressed part not skin tight. Mine are so loose I can wear these 8 months pregnant one day. Except, don’t worry, I won’t. My favorite are Free People and One Teaspoon. They are more expensive than J.Crew, but guess what you only need one pair. 
2. Dipbrow: I love eyebrows. It’s weird. One time in college I made my little drive with me an hour and a half away to visit some lady named the “Brow Queen” just so she could show me how to do mine. I think it’s because they truly define your face without you having to put effort anywhere else. I was using the Anastasia Pencil to fill in and then the lady at Nordstrom talked me into this. I HATE noticeably drawn on brows, so I bought it thinking I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and would then return it. Nope. I love this stuff. It’s probably the best way to get a natural full brow. If you get it you have to get the brush! And if you are still confused after watching youtube tutorials on how to put it on e-mail me.  
Link: Dipbrow
3. Long Necklaces: I’m a little on the short side. Which is sweet God did that for me because dating was never hard. I was never going to be taller than the boy. But then it completely backfires because you constantly try to find something to lengthen you (Giselle you out). Long necklaces do it! I think I wear this one every day. No shame. No shame.
4. Purse Accessories?: I put a question mark by that because what on Earth do you call them? You know all the card holder wallets you buy in college because who brings a purse to a date party…..well guess what? After college you are stuck with 27 of them. And then you have to start saving receipts and being financial smart, so they don’t have much use. I’ve start sticking them on my purses. On the outside. Like a 5 year old. But I love it. In Dallas every restaurant is awful and has valet. So I keep change in here so I don’t have to dig around. 
5. Not Washing My Hair: I mean I’ve never really been one to wash my hair a lot. Every guy I’ve ever gone on a date with has always been like, “Oh so after we eat I guess you’re going to want to go home and wash your hair and then we can go out.” I always replied, “No….why would I do that?” I’m sure that is why it ended. But washing your hair a lot is exactly what makes it bad. I’m so passionate about this I would probably do a video explaining why…and then be mortified for 4 months later. Typically, by the 4th day (the day I finally wash it, don’t worry) my hair is not too hot. But these two products make it its best on the 4th day. The Bumble gives you extension thickness without teasing and Living Proof allows you to sleep on your hair and not get bed head. 
If you have any questions e-mail me!
Happy weekending!

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  1. Hill wrote:

    God must have really loved me because he blessed me with shortness and thick wavy hair that I can go almost a week without washing before it looks a hot mess. I now have to wash it everyday because I work with a ton of smokers and am convinced I smell like smoke after work; it’s probably the worst part of my job
    From Mississippi With Love

    Published 09 May 14Reply