Lisi Lerch

It’s no secret I love layering jewelry. I’m 22 and will never pretend that it’s just “so realistic” to go out and buy 47 tops from the Cusp department at Neiman Marcus. If you can, “You Go, Glen Coco.” 
Layering jewelry, especially necklaces, is the key to making your wardrobe transitional. I have had my beloved  monogram necklace all of college, I am just waiting for the day it breaks and I have an emotional breakdown. My mom got it for me on etsy, and therefore doesn’t remember the exact shop, BUT I have found the most similar ones I would invest in as well. Invest in this piece. You will wear it every single day, so if you spend $40 you will enjoy replacing it 40 times. 
You need length. Lisi Lerch is one of Kristin and I’s favorite jewelry shops that creates the best layering pieces. Here is the gold one I am wearing. She also carries some of the most beautiful tassel necklaces and earrings. While some of her pieces are dainty and some are large they are all made for layering.
Add statement on top. This is where you places your little Forever 21 goods. Mix out your statement necklaces depending on the outfit and day.
I’ve linked to some of my favorite necklaces to help you create your own stack of necklaces!
Shoes: Dee Keller
You can shop all of Lisi Lerch here.

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  1. Katey – where are those cute camo pants from?

    Published 19 May 14Reply
  2. Claire wrote:

    You look adorable, love your hair and the layering of the jewelry! You’re a doll! 😉

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    Published 19 May 14Reply
  3. What lip color is that? Love!

    Published 19 May 14Reply
  4. Great look! Love your pants!
    -Darcie @

    Published 20 May 14Reply
  5. What nail polish do you have on?

    Published 21 May 14Reply
    • It’s just a white shellac with glitter over it! 🙂

      Published 21 May 14Reply