You Can Wear Me

I have a really exciting announcement.
You can officially take me everywhere with you! 😉 Kidding. But I wish I wasn’t. Do you know how many times I’m at dinner describing someone I’ve met through blogging to my boyfriend and I talk about you like I know you really well. “Oh Sarah got engaged and it’s going to be the most beautiful wedding.” Then he asks how I met you and I have to awkwardly say, “Um blogging…instagram.. like we haven’t met yet, but we have.” 

But in all seriousness, you can now wear me on your neck. I love to layer necklaces, and am always searching for a bright necklace to pair with my monogram one. I’ve found my holy grail. See Susie Raine

Susie Raine is my new favorite online jewelry boutique. Their pieces are so unique (which is hard to find with online jewelry) and well priced! 
I fell in love with one of their necklaces so much, that they named it the Katelynn. The Katelynn is perfect for layering over a monogram, a long tassel necklace or by itself! 
You can purchase the Katelynn here.  I’ve become a Featured Stylist for them and that just means more surprises for you all! At your check out (with whatever you purchase) put in the code: Katelynn10 and you will receive 10% off on all of your order excluding sale items! 
To keep up with all of their new products like them on Facebook here, and follow @shopsusieraine on instagram! 
I’m also dying over this, this and this.

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