Friends Forever

As many of you know, I just graduated from UT. I’ll spare you the details and the overly-competitive sports talk. Just know it was the best four years of my life thus far and I will be teaching my children how to hook ’em the second they’re old enough to know how to use their hands.

What I want to talk about instead is this t-shirt. I lived with my friend Mallory all four years of school. She was my best friend in high school and everyone told us not to live together. “You’ll hate each other by the second month,” they said. Well hey guess what, it’s four years later and we just got matching shirts that say “friends” and “forever,” so it’s pretty safe to say we proved everybody wrong.
I’ve always liked my fashion to be a little cheeky and nothing is cheekier than throwing back to the late 90’s when you and your best friend du jour exchanged keychains, necklaces, and anything else that could publicly declare to the world that you shared an unbreakable bond (that would last until the next week when you moved on to your new BFF).
But the friends I made in college are actually friends that I’ll have forever. So while it may be a little cheeky, this shirt is also kind of sentimental and has been my comfort blanket as I transition into life as a “young professional.” It also doesn’t hurt that it’s super comfy and neutral enough to go with every pair of shorts and pants I own.
I’m used to Mal living three feet away from me. Now she lives an hour away from me. So at least when I’m out exploring my new city with new friends I can keep my old friends with me in spirit. (Insert AWWWWW here)

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