Maxis for the Shorties

I’m such a shorty. I typically enjoy being short. I can fit into smaller spaces than most people, I don’t have to duck under trees when I’m running, and I’m usually the perfect height for a boys arm to drape around my shoulder. But when I don’t love being short is when all I want to do is wear a maxi dress and I trip all over myself trying to walk down the street.

Well God Bless H&M because they solved my problem. They created the cutest, comfiest, most perfect maxi JUST FOR ME. Wanna know why? Because it has slits up the sides. This is the magic y’all. Instead of the fabric bunching up under your feet when you walk it just moves a little off to the side. Which means I CAN ACTUALLY WEAR A MAXI. And I’m beyond pumped about it.

So if you’re a shorty like me (or just like ridiculously comfy maxi dresses) go click the link down there for this one from H&M because it’s only $17.95 so why wouldn’t you? And for those of you that are fortunate enough to be gifted with Gizelle legs, you can shop all of the maxis I would wear if I weren’t afraid of getting all tangled up below.

Dress: H&M || Bracelets: Anthropologie || Wedges: Similar

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