Roll Up Your Sleeves

Lately we’ve gotten a few questions about what to wear to jobs, internships, etc. Both Katey and I are in creative fields that allow us to dress a little more laid-back than most career paths, so while we typically run around in rompers all day I figured I’d give you at least a few tips on what to wear in a (slightly) more structured environment.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Nordstrom, it’s the three piece rule. You’ll always look more put together when you’re wearing at least three pieces. For example: pants, a top and a blazer or sweater. This can look a little different depending on what outfit you’re planning out, and definitely never has to be boring.
Since I’m wearing a very plain dress, I paired it with a fun jacket and a necklace that is noticeable without being too much of a statement. And check me out, I’m actually office appropriate! Unless you’re thinking of an office that deals with wealth management or engineering or something, in which case just go buy yourself a suit.

Shop fun jackets that will turn your wardrobe into a three-piece-rule dream below!

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