Sleep Tight

I love neutral bedrooms. And by neutrals I mean gold, white and animal prints. I know if you are married my home decor posts haven’t been THAT much help and I apologize to your husbands for trying to convince you that you need things like glittered deer. But this one is a BIT more gender neutral….I think? 
I got my white bedding from J.C. Penney and got all the furniture from Pier 1, so I chose to invest in my accent pieces. If you have a bigger budget put that towards a more extravagant headboard or art above your bed. Chances are at some point in 5 years you will spill something on your bedding (or that’s just me…sorry Doritos), but a headboard or piece of art will last a lifetime.
So get some inexpensive white bedding (it always looks clean and classic), switch out throw pillows and put a gold pig on your nightstand. 
Photography by: Carmen Evans

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  1. B+E wrote:

    Your bedroom is lovely. Where did you get the piece of art hanging above your bed? Thanks for the inspiration!

    Published 06 Jun 14Reply
  2. Victoria wrote:

    Where did you get those gold pillows? There are fab!!

    Published 06 Jun 14Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Where is your comforter from?!?! I know it’s just white, but I LOVE it!

    Published 28 Jun 14Reply