Throughout my blogging experience, I have had a lot of really exciting opportunities to have my hair and makeup done by some incredibly talented professionals. However, I typically feel bad because I don’t think I appreciate it as much as most girls do. My mother was a makeup artist for Chanel and 20-something years later and I still only like my mother doing my eyeliner. I think she had me at the Bobbi Brown counter before I could walk pointing out the difference between a shimmer or matte eyeshadow.
I’m really thankful my mother educated me about products so young, because I still have had a lot of makeup spoofs, I honestly can’t imagine how awful I would have turned out had she not. Would you like to see my freshman year of high school photos? So when I say I feel like I don’t appreciate it as much, it’s only because I get all antsy and eventually blurt out, “Oh could we do a lot more mascara? My mother says no one looks good with just two coats!” Seriously. I feel terrible.  
So, last Friday I popped into Blushington. Think Dry Bar but for makeup. I thought it would be a nice change because Blushington doesn’t focus on selling product. While everything they use on you is available for purchase, that isn’t their main goal. You know what I’m referring to, you go get your makeup done somewhere and the girl is telling you how you have to purchase the berry gloss even though you insist you have 40. It almost makes the process not seem relaxing because you’re having to constantly explain why you don’t want to buy something. 
The entire time my makeup artist kept asking me what I liked, which I appreciated because then I didn’t have to feel like the most ungrateful heathen ever and ask for more mascara. And then, shocker….I learned something. I’ve been contouring all wrong. How have y’all not e-mailed me about this and told me I looked heinous?! I’ve been in a relationship with Nars Laguna and I had to divorce to move on with Stila Puppy. My makeup artist said bronzers can have orange undertones and that a matte beige eyeshadow is sometimes better.  
It was life changing, I wanted to go on a date after, but it was 9 A.M. so I at least convinced Paul to take me to Chick-Fil-A….
Let me know if you decide to try Blushington in Dallas and what you learn from it! 

Makeup: c/o Blushington
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  1. Love the mixing of animal prints here, you look gorgeous!


    Published 18 Jul 14Reply
  2. Lou Lou B wrote:

    I, also just learned that you shouldn’t contour with bronzer, and I started using a cooler matte eye shadow that I had and it made a huge difference!! I was really surprised! Your make-up looks AMAZING here!!

    Published 18 Jul 14Reply
    • Thank you!! Yay! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! haha. Xo.

      Published 18 Jul 14Reply
  3. Your makeup looks amazing!! Loving the concept of contouring, if only I could get the hang of it! 🙂

    XO, Jaime

    Published 18 Jul 14Reply
  4. Well you’re gorgeous whether you’re doing it right or not! You look amazing here and that outfit is great!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 19 Jul 14Reply
  5. No one told you because you already looked perf, duh! Love your outfit!

    xx Maeleah

    Published 19 Jul 14Reply
  6. Kristen W. wrote:

    Your makeup looks AMAZING! Might have to swing by Blushington on my next visit to Dallas.

    xo, Kristen

    Published 21 Jul 14Reply