Cabo Recap

Hello! I am back in my little Dallas bubble! Cabo was wonderful, but there was a storm, the hotel flooded, the power went out (maybe I cried), our flight was delayed, customs took three hours and Paul’s golf flubs went missing at the airport. Memories? 
But in all seriousness, it was so wonderful to get away. I think we could have gone and sat in a teepee  to talk for a week in the woods and been just as happy. In Dallas we are always running late to a dinner with friends, running to Fort Worth to meet family or running to a meeting. He and I never just sit (except on Monday nights to watch the Bachelor, duh!) and get to talk. 
But now that I am back I feel like I have so much to catch up on! I figured Mondays were a little intense at the office, so I’d give you some reading and links to take away some work time!
1. I had this vest and it sold out in a week and for the rest of the fall and winter everyone had to ask me where I got it, and I had to be the bad guy and say it was sold out. But it is back in stock, so get yours! I’m also picking up this one. 
2. I am a Bachelor fanatic. Like I stayed up way past my bed time in 4th grade to see Alex Michael dump Trista. I picked up this book that Courtney wrote. You know, Courtney, the evil winner with Ben. I still think she has an off sense of humor, but I knew Kacie was mean! I read it in 3 hours. Embarrassing. 
3. I loved this article about money. Girl time is so so expensive! We like manicures, mimosas and every appetizer at Mi Cocina. I’d rather save and shop, so my girlfriends and I are pretty good about this. Make a cheese board (split it) and watch hours of New Girl on Netflix together. Try to spend the month of August not bonding so much at restaurants, so that in September you can bond over fall booties at Nordstrom. 
4. Speaking of fall purchases, I’m saving all of mine here so that you can keep track and shop when you want to!
5. Speaking of saving money with girlfriends, I love these recipes from Mackenzie Horan! Make some with your girls, split the cost and catch up on The Bachelor!
6. You can still shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Prices go up August 4th, so until then check out my favorites here
7. What do we think of MCM? In Europe it is everywhere, and I keep staring at that tote, but then think, “eehhhh, better not.” Am I crazy?
8. I also keep eying this, black, white, neutral and under $135! 
9. Did you see my giveaway here? Be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter to be entered! 
10. My desk is a work in progress. It is the one part of my home, I don’t absolutely adore. It isn’t very deep and I always toy with making it cute or functional. Once it is finished, I’m sharing some of my apartment updates on the blog! Fingers crossed. If you see any cute desk decor send it my way please!
Happy Monday, I hope I distracted you long enough!

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  1. Sorry Cabo was such a bust! I totally feel you about beauty maintenance… Ideas for fall booties? We’re both shorties so I know you won’t have me looking like a hobbit.

    Published 28 Jul 14Reply
    • I’m going to post some fall must haves in about a week or so! 🙂 Oh no girl! I will have you all tall!

      Published 28 Jul 14Reply
  2. Girl, I would’ve cried too if that all happened on a vacation!
    Deep breath on getting back into the groove of things.

    Published 28 Jul 14Reply