Dear Clark, We love you.

I think by now, you all know that Kristin and I are polar opposites. The only two things we agree on are Mambo Taxis and print mixing.  Running around on Saturdays go a little something like this….
“Let’s go to Hotel Zaza.” -me
“Stop being so high maintenance, let’s go to a club.” -Kristin
“Kill me.” -me
I feel like we just went through marital counseling, because on Saturday we found somewhere we both agreed on: Dear Clark. Dear Clark is a hip Dallas salon with a relaxed urban vibe-the best of both worlds. They have their own hair care line that keeps the stars of the show “Dallas'” tresses perfect. We wanted to share this with you all because we always get e-mails on where to get nails or blowouts in Dallas…and typically Kristin and I  hate blowouts in Dallas. 
Kristin hates people touching her and I just sit there and glaring, “Give me the brush!” After our mimosa-filled blowout Kristin’s hair was the smoothest it has ever been and she kept calling me Brigitte Bardot so I was in heaven. Dear Clark gets volume and taming frizz. Because post shower, Kristin and I both look like Mufasa. You can get their product line here (seriously, you will look like Brigitte), the Smoothing Elixir and Thickening Balm are staples!

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Hair: c/o Dear Clark

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  1. Your pineapple and leopard print combo is ahmazing. And you rock the photos!

    Published 13 Jul 14Reply