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I know, another sale. We are all going to be broke living in a box under 75, but that’s fine I’ll share mine with y’all! I wanted to share this Elaine Turner jewelry sale with y’all that starts today! I got the Melaney Statement Necklace and am so excited to pair it with all my neutral summer dresses. I have a few pairs of Elaine Turner shoes, and I can’t say enough about the quality. Like they’ve survived a few formals and nights of walking around Austin quality. 
I’ve compiled a few of my favorite pieces from the sale, and put together a little outfit for errands. When you graduate college [I need to stop referring to this because it’s been almost 8 months…] the biggest difference other than paying your own bills is errands. Yes, you may have had errands in college…but they were more like run and pick up Slim Fast because you think you need it before Spring Break and while you’re at it stop by Forever 21 for a themed date party. Adulthood brings on errands, and they aren’t fun. You spend half your Saturday running in between UPS and Kroger. The sorority tee shirt look doesn’t cut it anymore either, because instead of being a cute 18-year-old girl with a “KKG Date Party” shirt and getting hit on, you just get stared at like, “Could you not have showered today?” Or maybe that is just me? I’m doing something wrong. So, no I still don’t wash my hair, but I have learned to throw on a simple shift dress! Elaine Turner has some perfect accessories [on sale!] to pull your look together. 
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  1. BNBstyling wrote:

    Love this! Elaine Turner has such cute items. Great post 🙂


    Published 17 Jul 14Reply
  2. LOVE the black and nude city sandals!
    Stia, Jean & Katherine

    Published 17 Jul 14Reply
  3. love that iPhone case!


    Published 17 Jul 14Reply
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    Published 19 Jul 14Reply
  5. Love the shift dress!



    Published 19 Jul 14Reply