Hey did y’all know pineapples are a huge trend right now? I’m kidding. You obviously know that. Pineapples are EVERYWHERE. Including all over my Instagram with sunglasses stuck on them. And this tweet from a few weeks ago about sums up my feelings on that subject:
Only one favorite? Guess I shouldn’t go into stand up comedy…
But however obnoxious I find these Instagram posts to be, I’m still pretty obsessed with pineapples. Y’all know I like my quirky prints.

I got this dress at my absolute favorite store in the world, Beehive, for my graduation in May. Yes I wore a dress with pineapples on it to graduation. So 20 years from now, when this is one of those trends that we question why we ever decided to partake in, I’ll show my children the pictures and they’ll be super embarrassed.
I’m fine with that because I like to live in the now.

This dress is no longer available at Beehive, but I’ve put together lots of pineapple prints to keep y’all satisfied for the rest of the summer.

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