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Hi beauties! I hope you all enjoyed my home decor update post this past week! I view my home like my wardrobe, I want it to be different pieces I love that somehow come together just because they have meaning to me. 
A few pieces helped me do that [and some are still on my wish list!] so I wanted to go through them with you in case you were wondering what were some must haves to incorporate into your home!
Place Mats: [c/o Hattan Home] I love anything chinoiserie! One of my favorite online boutiques Hattan Home carries them and they are the perfect mesh with my Courtly Check plates
Lucite Tray: [c/o Laura Dro Designs] I talked about my lucite obsession and it completely matches my obsession with pineapples…have you seen my Instagram bio? This tray from Laura Dro Designs fits both and will find its home on my coffee table forever. 
Chanel Match Box: It is Chanel and it holds matches. If someone sends this to me I will make you a BFF friendship bracelet because I will keep you forever. 
Pineapple: Another neutral pineapple. Would it be inappropriate to have a shelf dedicated to these? No…
Lipstick Jar: Keep a little jar of lipstick out on a counter! It is unique and functional, this bowl is so fitting with the lips! 
Cheeky Pillow: Sadly, I will be in an apartment for a few more years because if I had a home to decorate I’d never get any work done. This pillow makes it all better! 
Chinoiserie Candle: Mackenzie Horan said this candle smells good so I’m buying 5. She could say raw meat smells good and I’d still probably buy it. Everything in her store is perfection.
Flowers: Buying fresh flowers ever week is a treat, but can get a bit frivolous [is that a funny pun if that is my blog name? I wish..] so I love to buy mine here
Luxe Pillow: [c/o Belquist] I love a good funny pillow, but luxe pillows are also a huge lust of mine. They go with your decor no matter what it is and I got this one! It is stunning!

And I saved my biggest home secret for last! Remember this photo?

I have spent countless hours of my life watching Gossip Girl. I have spent even more hours trying to find Blair Waldorf bedding. The women in my family swear by satin pillow cases and they all have perfect skin. No botox. No creams. My mother barely washes her face. [I know, she’s bad]. They all swear that these make your hair and skin beautiful. I FINALLY found some that are inexpensive. These typically retail for well over $100 a piece. I got mine here courtesy of Savvy Sleepers. I legitimately wake up with Disney Princess hair, which is helpful because I barely wash it as is! So go invest in one and we can all sleep like Sleeping Beauty. 

What are you craving for your home?!
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  1. preppylove wrote:

    I really need to invest in some more luxe and some more funny pillows for my apartment!!

    Kasey {preppylove}

    Published 31 Aug 14Reply
  2. BNBstyling wrote:

    Love this post so much and those pillow cases need them!!


    Published 31 Aug 14Reply
  3. I love all your picks! I’m going to be in my apartment for two years and I definitely want to get some cute decor!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 31 Aug 14Reply
  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Published 13 Sep 14Reply