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I work for myself, which seems like a dream, but in reality it is the hardest thing I have ever done. The balancing aspect is difficult to say the least. If I don’t work from 8-6 with no interruptions, it directly correlates with my pay. So it takes a lot of discipline on my end to not pick up the phone and call my friends to talk about what Michelle Money said on The Bachelor the night before. Taxes? Another nightmare. Thank God I date an accountant. When I meet other female entrepreneurs I get realllllll excited. It typically goes something like:

“How mad does your boyfriend get about your e-mail addiction?”
“I know, I know! I think everyone thinks I nap all day, too.” 
“I’ll need Botox by 26, I swear. I don’t sleep.” 

Typically, I’m the only one who makes the Botox comment, but whatever. [Joke, I swear.]

I wanted to start highlighting some female entrepreneurs as 70% of my e-mails from you all pertain to what I do for my career. I talk to at least 10 different girls a week on the phone that aren’t too sure what they want to do with their life, and while I explain PR and blogging I would never want to influence them thinking that is the only option! I know when I was in college NOTHING looked appealing. I loved PR and writing, but I just sat there thinking, “Seriously? I’m seriously supposed to get excited about a job marketing pipeline?” Your dream job typically doesn’t exist, so you have to make it exist. I hope to share some insight about some wonderful careers and if you have any other ideas about this new little blog section feel free to e-mail me! 

I joined Circle Seven Five last month and knew I had to highlight it for you all. It is a social club for young women in Dallas that help create a well-rounded lifestyle for you. You get a goodie bag each month with things like, “A free martini at xyz” “A free yoga class at xyz.” And they have events for you, think sorority mixers. It’s a wonderful new addition to Dallas and I hope if you are a Dallas girl you join with me! Meet the founder, Cassidy!

Name: Cassidy Woodard
Title: Founder/CEO of Dallas Circle Seven Five, LLC.
Location: Dallas

Describe Circle Seven Five in a sentence for us!

Circle Seven Five is a women’s social club for young professionals in Dallas that curates a well rounded lifestyle and brings girls together to form a community. 

What did you do prior to starting Circle Seven Five and what made you want to start it? 

Prior to starting Circle Seven Five I lived in New York for school and did numerous internships from reporting for Fashion Week to working at NBC Universal. Last summer, I had just graduated from Columbia University and moved back to Dallas. New city, the ‘real world’, and 99% of my friends were up north, so I started looking for ways to really get plugged into life in Dallas. I wanted to join one organization that had multiple things going on, not just happy hours–though I do love a good happy hour! What I found were a lot of niche groups, so I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own organization that cared about all the different aspects in life I did. 

Why do you think Dallas needs Circle Seven Five? 

Dallas needs a place for girls to come and have genuine community. Our lives as young professionals are so busy and demanding, and we want to fit as much in as possible: socializing, networking to help our careers, relationships, work, working out, giving back to the community, family responsibilities. Its a LOT. Circle Seven Five gives our members a fun outlet to pursue a lot of those aspects with other likeminded women. You can find us sweating it out in a fitness class or dressed up and out on the town. We’re curating a lifestyle for young professionals and encouraging our girls to reach their full potential as strong, bold, savvy women. We also don’t believe in expensive dues, involved initiation processes, or mandatory time commitments!   

What does the Circle Seven Five girl look like? 
The Circle Seven Five girl is a Dallas woman in her 20s or 30s who desires community and a fun, well-rounded lifestyle.  She’s generally got a lot going on and lot going for her. She is driven and educated. She is someone who doesn’t mind venturing outside the box and loves to have a good time.  She is the working girl, the new mom, the fresh out of college dreamer, the finance guru, the fashionista, and the girl next door.  She’s the girl that loves to go out on the town, but also really enjoys a good night on the couch with Netflix! 

How does one join Circle Seven Five?
So easy! Go to click “add this to cart” > “view your cart” > fill out a few forms and that’s it! You just made a fabulous life decision. 🙂

What is your favorite thing to do in Dallas?
Lately I’ve been exploring the Katy Trail and White Rock Lake; but honestly my recent favorite has been to sit on one of the many fabulous Dallas patios and enjoy some wine with my girls. I’ve also been loving Klyde Warren Park, Lower Greenville and Bishop Arts. What I love about Dallas is that is has so many cool areas. It’s especially great for when you have guests in town!

If one thing could brand you, what would you want that to be?
Authenticity/Genuine Community. We’re real girls who get it and we are all doing the best we can. I think if you are authentic, all the other aspects and pieces will fall into place. Authenticity; that’s the foundation. 

When will you know Circle Seven Five has accomplished what you want?
Circle Seven Five is already accomplishing what I want! At our events everyone is talking to everyone else, girls are exchanging business cards, making brunch and dinner plans with people they just met, and there is a welcoming atmosphere. It’s so amazing. Now, it’s just continuing to grow what we have!

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