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My father ruined taught me a valuable lesson at a young age. When I was 15 and we decided to go car shopping I said, “Hmm, I think I want a BMW or Audi.” Granted, I had NO idea what those cars were priced at, I only knew I liked a boy who drove an Audi, so you know I would get one too and then we would fall in love. Duh. My father laughed for a good 30 minutes and said something that stuck with me until now. “What on earth have you done at 15 years old that warrants you deserving an Audi?” {Disclaimer number 1: If your sweet father bought you a BMW or Audi for your first car, we probably should have been friends so I could have learned how to convince my father this boy was really going to fall in love with me. No shame in your game, girlfriend, you had done something to warrant it. My hostess gig at Chili’s hadn’t.} 
To this day I can still hear his voice in my head saying that while I shop. {Disclaimer number 2: this is a cheeky post about budgeting. I do recognize I am not the saint of budgeting, this blog is called Chronicles of FRIVOLITY for a reason.} So, I figured I’d listen to some fatherly advice and share some of my favorite accessories and find the look for less for you, because I haven’t exactly done anything at 22 to warrant a Chanel bag. Depressing. 
Remember that show? I would glue my eyes to it FOR HOURS and then always be horrified because “the look for less” always looked real awful. I’ve been stockpiling a few of these and then this past week finally found some great pieces, that really embody the same style and structure. So if your father ruined you, too [i.e. gave you some Southern parenting] you can feel guilt-free shopping these pieces! 
//Shop The Board//

//Shop My Other Favorite Accessories under $100//

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  1. First off…I LOVE your blog! I just discovered it and am totally obsessed!

    I have a silly blogger question though…How do you create things like that picture above with the comparison? Is there an app you use? And would you maybe do a posting on tips for other bloggers? Thanks so much, I’m totally obsessed!

    Published 05 Aug 14Reply
    • Thank you so so so much! You are so sweet!

      I use different forms of Adobe: photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator! I had to take a class on it in college to learn! :/

      I’ve been asked that a few times, and I just haven’t felt comfortable yet, because I don’t think I have any tips! haha. I feel like I’m still trying to learn what works and what doesn’t, so I would never want to give bad advice! But I would once I get the hang of it more! haha

      Thank you!



      Published 05 Aug 14Reply
  2. MaryBeth wrote:

    I will tell you this, I bought myself a cartier tank watch at 21 that I still have now at 50. That investment has not only paid off but I have been able to wear this watch for 29 years. Did I deserve it, no but better buy one nice watch 29 years ago that 29 cheap ones each year.
    I have denied myself somethings along the way, I could kick myself for returning the love bracelet my husband bought me because I didn’t like the way it fit and the chanel bag in Paris that I couldn’t bring myself to haul back to the US.

    Published 06 Aug 14Reply
    • Oh no!! 🙁 The Chanel bag in Paris makes me so sad! 🙁 I absolutely agree about buying one nice piece and it lasting! My mom buys me my jewelry and watches to invest because she doesn’t want to buy me jewelry to replace! I just wanted to do a fun, different perspective post!:) If someone didn’t feel comfortable spending that much money at 18 or something! My mother also always said, “If you buy everything for yourself now, you have nothing to look forward to!” So I meant it as “Oh if you have a Chanel bags but didn’t want to buy a Cartier watch here is a nice one, too!” 🙂

      Published 06 Aug 14Reply
  3. I just found your blog on SWBS and I love it! I think I’ve seen you around instagram too! I’m also a Dallas blogger! I think your style is absolutely amazing and I love your outfits! We should do a collaboration sometime!!


    Published 09 Aug 14Reply