Too Dumb For New York City

I saw this Waylon Jenning’s quote on this top a few weeks ago and had to have it! I got a lot of e-mails over the weekend from girls saying, “I love that top! But I could never get away with it, especially at work.” Um yes, ma’am. You can! [Granted, my dad works in the defense industry and I know there are some situations you can’t, but bear with me.] I thought this was the perfect time to discuss more of the dreaded work uniform. This is an intense version, you can typically only get away with this if you work in fashion or something creative, but just like fashion week, take it in doses to your wardrobe and pick whatever part you like best. 
Let’s just talk about the anatomy of your summer workwear, because honestly, I actually feel like it is just now summer because in Dallas we have finally kissed triple digits and that won’t stop until November. 
The Top: As long as your graphic tee is a neutral, you can typically [and by typically we know the fields I am referring to] get away with it. Here are three of my favorites: 1/2/3. Work in something a little more strict? Invest in a Monrow Tee. It’s overpriced for a cotton tee, but lasts you for forever, you’ll never buy another and the fit is much more formal. Get yours here
The Bottom: J.Crew is the go-to for a work skirt. No matter how short or long yours have to be, they have something for it, typically in a fun print and the fit is phenomenal. Seriously, you feel like you’ve been hitting the gym just trying one on. Options: Mini, Middle, Pencil.
The Shoes: I posted these on my instagram last week and they are so chic for work. Some environments you have to have closed-toe so invest in these. If you can have open these are my favorites and they give you supermodel legs: 1/2/3/4/5.
The Add Ons: Carry a clutch to work. Seriously. I see so many girls in the elevator on their way to work with an oversized tote that carries their car keys, lip gloss, gym shoes, lunch, laptop. Honestly, it’s all kind of umm contaminated? to be together. Keep your tote for your laptop and lunch. However, you spend money on your lipstick and purse goods, keep them in a clutch! Also, you never feel put together having a lunch meeting with a big tote. Just say no and get one of these: 1/2/3/4 .I love the snake print of mine, and it converts into a cross body if you have to jet around town!

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  1. I am very fortunate to have a pretty relaxed dress code at work. I don’t wear jeans but chinos with sandals or a more formal skirt with pumps are more than acceptable. 🙂

    Published 11 Aug 14Reply
  2. I absolutely love how you pieced this outfit together! The statement necklace is my fav!

    Published 11 Aug 14Reply
  3. Hill wrote:

    I just started using a clutch for work and I agree it’s the best decision. I feel so much more put together than I did with just my tote
    From Mississippi With Love

    Published 11 Aug 14Reply
  4. Dale Janee wrote:

    OMG! I love this top and I’ve never seen it before. This graphic tee’s has to be one of the best 🙂

    Your hair and makeup is stunning too!


    Published 11 Aug 14Reply